What are the requirements to be a tutor?
● All tutors must be current students at Drew in good standing.
● All tutors must maintain a 3.0 Cumulative GPA.
● Typically, tutors must have taken the course at Drew and received an A or A minus. Students who take a placement test and place above lower level courses may tutor for those courses if they have a faculty recommendation. Transfer, post-baccalaureate, and graduate students may tutor for a course that they did not take at Drew if they have a faculty recommendation and/or the approval of a CAE Director.
● All tutors must complete Level 1 of CRLA training during their first full semester as a tutor.

What is the CAE looking for in a tutor?
● Strong verbal communication skills
● Professional conduct
● Ability to work with a diverse group of students
● Commitment to helping students succeed
● Commitment to diversity
● Excellent time management skills
● Strong leadership skills
● Respect for the talents, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of living of all members of the Drew community

What are my responsibilities as a tutor?
● Arrive prepared and on time for all appointments.
● Respond promptly to communications (email, phone, text, etc.) from the CAE Staff.
● Attend mandatory training sessions.
● Complete Client Report Forms at the end of each session.

How do I apply to be a tutor?
● Complete the tutoring application here.
● Submit three faculty endorsements or references to CAE@drew.edu.
● If you are applying to become a Writing Specialist, you must submit an academic essay with faculty feedback and the grade for that essay.
● Submit current transcript to CAE@drew.edu.
● Strong candidates will be asked to complete an interview and orientation session.
Language Applicants: Upon an successful interview with the CAE, you must meet with a language department liaison before you can tutor.

Upon receiving your application, we will send you further instructions. Please give us 5-7 days to process your application.

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