Women’s & Gender Studies.


Women’s & Gender Studies

WOMEN’S & GENDER STUDIES examines women’s experiences using methods from many fields. Our majors have gotten great résumé experience through projects such as helping refine the curriculum of Prepare, a New York—based organization that offers self-defense training. Our students, of course, take the training themselves in order to experience and understand it. Available as a major or minor program of study.

Women’s Work

Being profoundly interdisciplinary means our majors can go on to a wide variety of careers based on their interests—from graduate school in history or social sciences, to the arts to nonprofit activist and social service organizations.

Students have benefited from combining our major with language studies. We’ve run a number of off-campus programs in places such as the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Morocco and France that deal with issues of gender, race and identity.

It looked at the psychological and feminist theory behind gender violence and resistance efforts. We also spent 20 hours in a self-defense class, integrating the practical and the theoretical. ”
Kestin Gussoff C’12
on Gender Violence and Women’s Resistance