Pan-African Studies.


Pan-African Studies

PAN-AFRICAN STUDIES works to understand Africa and the African diaspora. This is a field of many, amazing untold stories—vital contributions to human experience and human achievement ready to be researched, understood and shared. It’s a golden opportunity for historians and cultural analysts to do really important, original work. Available as a major or minor program of study.

The Course Catalog

Graduates apply their degree to a wide variety of fields, guided by their passions. This is helped by both the close collaboration with other departments, and the customization of study encouraged at Drew.

So many of our majors have gone on to success in scholarship, activism, public policy and the arts. The rigor of our program prepares them for leadership in many areas.

I got a chance to travel to South Africa. I wrote a paper, comparing the Creoles in New Orleans in the 19th century, seen as important and having their own culture, to the South African colored population, who were not seen that way. ”
Khemani Gibson C’14
on History of Race and Politics in South Africa