MATHEMATICS is an elegant and useful way of perceiving our world. Our program is a fine foundation for graduate-level mathematics. Our small size allows us to know our students very well and tailor work, including independent studies and opportunities for research, to their interest. Available as a major or minor program of study.

It All Adds Up

Through mathematics, we distill and describe the hidden patterns and relations among many things. In this way mathematics finds ever-present application—from the natural and social sciences to the humanities and the arts. It’s interdisciplinary, and it’s why so many of our students double major.

We have majors out there in many differing fields—from law and graduate school to education, government, industry and the financial sector. Employers value the analytical and logical skills of mathematics majors and how they think critically.

This is where you start to get a hand on upper-level mathematics, but you are not killed with difficult problems. The theorems are accessible, and you learn to write proofs. ”
Gregory Hunt C’13
on Linear Algebra