ITALIAN is the study of a language deeply interwoven in both european and american culture.  The Italian faculty at Drew is committed to providing a rich and stimulating curriculum through the latest pedagogical and multimedia tools and our courses—language, literature, culture, and cinema—are taught entirely in Italian. Available as a major or minor program of study.

Scegli l’italiano.

Un’esperienza Globale

We strive to create a cultural and global awareness to make students appreciate the language and the culture of another country, in order to strengthen the intrinsic value of an undergraduate liberal arts education.

Thanks to the vicinity to New York City, students have the possibility to participate in community events related to Italy, and our very active Italian club organizes field trips, film screenings, lecturers with international guests. The weekly Italian table provides another opportunity for students to practice their language skills outside the class. We have also an Italian Theme House, Piccola Italia, for students interested in living in an Italian-like setting.

Finally, students who want a full immersion in the language and culture of Italy can participate in the summer programs in Orvieto and in Cilento or apply for a study-abroad semester in Italy through Drew’s Center for Global Education.

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