International Relations.


International Relations

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS is the study of the systems and structures that exist (or should exist) to address global concerns. More and more, organizations and business of all kinds need employees who understand multiple cultures and political systems, and can adapt to new situations. Available as a major or minor program of study.

Explore the United Nations

Among the highlights our our program is the unique NYC semester at the United Nations, where students travel to the city to observe and hear from members of the U.N. Secretariat and delegations, as well as special agencies and nongovernmental organizations. Learn why Thérèse Postel can’t imagine going into anything else but international relations.

The Political Science & International Relations Department

Information about our faculty, experiential learning, career outcomes and more.

World Changers Wanted

Our emphasis on real world experience means that our students already have impressive CVs by the time they graduate. They are prepared to embark on careers in capitals around the world.

Some graduates go on to law school or Wall Street. Others go into the Foreign Service. Still others have gotten great opportunities in non-governmental organizations addressing humanitarian and humans rights issues around the globe.

I knew this class would be challenging both emotionally and academically. I found myself looking forward to each assignment, each article, book and movie. It ignited within me a humanitarian, intellectual passion that gave birth to my thesis on the death penalty, and influenced my choice of law school. ”
Amberley Beye C’13
on Torture: Pain, Body and Truth