Environmental Studies & Sustainability.


Environmental Studies & Sustainability

ESS is the study of challenges to earth’s life-support systems—and their solutions. Our program is a fine preparation for graduate school and, ultimately, teaching at the university level or conducting high-level laboratory research. Available as a major or minor program of study.

Go Green or Go Home

The environment is in crisis. There are lots of ways to help—and that translates into lots of jobs. Real-world internships, of which there are plenty, look great on résumés. We can get you there.

Other graduates are working for nonprofits on the frontlines of environmental solutions, and in government agencies, environmental law and science teaching.

It really started me thinking about what kind of work I would like to do and what change I would like to see come out of it. It made me realize how important the work really is. ”
Matt Boudreaux C’13
on Peak Oil and Climate Change