CHEMISTRY is the study of matter and its infinite transformations. All chemistry majors at Drew undertake research as part of their program and have opportunities to work closely with faculty mentors in state of the art labs. Available as a major or minor program of study.

Is There Cocaine on This Money?

At Drew, students use methanol to extract molecules from bills, then use sophisticated equipment to tease out elements present in the sample. A full 90 percent of the money tested, as it happens, carried trace elements of cocaine. It’s all part of rigorous training in this important field.

Imagine Studying…

organic chemical reactions and processes pertaining to the design, syntheses, and analysis of various types of compounds in “Advanced Organic Chemistry.”


Good Chemistry

We are devoted to helping students become complete scientists. Our goal is to graduate accomplished researchers, but also develop students’ interpersonal, leadership, writing and presentation skills, all highly sought in chemistry.

Drew chemistry majors leave knowing how to handle instrumentation they’ll use the first day on the job, such as our time-of-flight mass spectrometer, and our inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer. (And you’re not fighting a bunch of grad students to get time on the machines.)

Graduates take their degrees in a variety of directions. They are accepted to prestigious graduate schools, work for leading pharmaceutical companies and teach at the university and secondary levels.

One of the most interesting concepts I learned was entropy, or disorder of the universe. The universe is becoming more disordered the same way molecules become more disordered. It’s interesting to perceive the sophistication of the universe, despite the disorder. ”
Alan Kalam C’14
on General Chemistry 2


The Charles A. Dana Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti (RISE) at Drew University will offer you unique opportunities to engage in undergraduate research under the supervision of retired industrial scientists. Experiential learning at its finest, RISE projects cover topic areas, including drug discovery, industrial microbiology, mathematics and more.

Select students are even awarded and recognized by country's most respected industry thought leaders. RISE student Tharani Theivakumar won a cash prize from the New Jersey chapter of the American Chemical Society for her presentation on anti-tumor agents. Two more RISE students recently landed Goldwater Scholarships, the premiere U.S. scholarship for undergraduates majoring in math, science and engineering.

Class of 2016 Outcomes

Chemistry majors in the Class of 2016 are already getting to work and grad school. Here is a sampling of where some of our graduates are right now:

• Chemist at Johnson & Johnson
• Bioanalytical Scientist at Pfizer
• Pursuing PhD at Pennsylvania State University
• Pursuing PhD at Purdue University