ART is a creative and expansive response to life in visible form. Students create in a variety of media and a variety of styles, following their own inspiration under the guidance of faculty artist mentors. Available as a major or minor program of study.

Imagine Studying…

time, form and motion through the use of digital animation techniques in “Digital Animation.”


Make It Happen

Internships at the Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim, the Jewish Museum, the Drawing Center—these are the kinds of real-world experiences Drew students have. Plus, many work as assistants to professional artists—networking, connecting and pushing their careers forward.

Visual communication is booming in the digital age and people trained to express themselves visually are at a premium. Drew is seeing an increase in art double majors as well, with combinations such as Art/Engineering, Art/Environmental Studies and Sustainability, and Art/Business Studies.


Scholarship in the Arts

Students who excel in the arts, may elect apply for the Drew Scholarship in the Arts and submit samples of work. Areas of concentration include visual art, music, theatre arts.

Students awarded the Scholarship in the Arts receive an annual award of $2,500 ($10,000 over four years). This award is in addition to any academic merit awards received.

It truly gave me the freedom to work with any content matter in whatever medium I chose. I no longer felt like a student, but like a real artist working in my own studio. ”
Diana Ortiz C’12
on Advanced Senior Studio

NYC Semester On Contemporary Art

The New York Semester on Contemporary Art is one of the highlights of Drew’s art and art history programs. A thorough exploration of the art scene in New York includes viewing exhibits in Chelsea and the Lower East Side, visiting museums such as the New Museum, the Whitney and MOMA, and personally meeting with several prominent artists in their studios. Through this intimate interaction, students can experience the center of the contemporary art world firsthand.