ANTHROPOLOGY is the study of humankind and its multiplicity of cultures. Graduate knowing how to use specific research methods, including ethnographic fieldwork, excavation and laboratory research. Available as a major or minor program of study.

Find and Recover a “Missing Person”

In Forensic Anthropology, students use witness statements and forensic search procedures to locate human remains (no worries, just a plastic skeleton) and apply proper procedures in their recovery.

Imagine Studying…

primate behavior, how it can be understood as environmental adaptation, its evolutionary significance, and how it compares to human behavior in “Primatology.”


Dig This

Anthropologists provide basic knowledge about humankind that policy makers use to make vital decisions. Anthropology is also an excellent preparation for careers in journalism, social work, law, medicine and international aid.

The fact that Drew has a full-fledged anthropology major, not an anthroplogy/sociology combination, means you’ll have great credentials and experience if you choose to study anthropology in graduate school.

My professor lived with the Inuit in Alaska. I find myself telling my friends about them. I just ramble and tell them everything I know. ”
Sandra Almeida C’14
on a regional anthropology course about the Inuit