Applied Leadership.


Applied Leadership

The Craft of Leadership

The minor program in Applied Leadership connects knowledge of leadership studies with practical experience in the service of socially responsible action. It approaches leadership as a craft that encompasses skills valuable in all kinds of partnerships and roles within organizations and communities.

What You Learn

  • Understand the larger impact of their decisions and align personal and organizational goals with a commitment to the well-being and stewardship of society
  • Connect knowledge about leadership and practical experience in observing, building, and exercising leadership skills with reflection on values and purpose
  • Develop a practical set of career skills–including planning, collaborating, communicating, and mediating–relevant to any disciplinary background or intended career
  • Prepare for leadership roles in nonprofit, for profit, government, and community contexts

Imagine Studying...

both the theoretical framework and the practical application of what it means to lead with integrity and social responsibility.

Experiential Learning

Community-Based Learning: a 4-credit CBL course (at 200-level or above) is required for this minor.
• Connect academic learning with real-world experience in a field of your choice.
• Benefit a community beyond the campus .
• Participate in a collaborative, impactful community of learners guided by a professor.
• Practice leadership skills in working with peers and professionals.

Internship Opportunities: a two-credit internship is required for this minor.
• Shadow decision-makers.
• Analyze decisions and the decision-making process.
• Observe and practice leadership skills.
• Connect experience to scholarship and best practices in leadership.

Department Events
• The Civically Engaged Alumni Networking Event
• Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
• The Community Service and Non-profit Fair
• The Civic Engagement Showcase and Awards

For a full list upcoming events, visit the Center for Civic Engagement’s website and like us on Facebook.

Career Possibilities
Leadership experience is valuable for any career path. This program ensures that your leadership experiences are connected to research and scholarship in the field of leadership

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