Network of Mentors


Network of Mentors

Being taken under the wing of a brilliant Drew professor? Super start. Assembling your own handpicked mentorship team through Launch? Surefire success. What Launch does differently is integrate guidance across a network of academic, career and personal mentors, with a Launch advisor facilitating each student’s network.

The mentorship of scholars like Dr. William Campbell, Drew Fellow and 2015 Nobel Prize winner, is key to the demonstrated success of Drew students. Emmanuel Gabriel ’02, for example, is now a complex-cancer surgeon.

When I received the acceptance letter from Oxford, I was excited and shocked. But part of me wasn't shocked, because everything leading up to it—the coursework, the support of my professors through letters of recommendation and advice on how to build the application—prepared me. My professors challenged me to keep pushing, to take it one step further. That's what made the difference. ”
—Kishan Patel ’15
Analyst, Third Bridge Group, Ltd.
I did research over two summers and during each semester, built a research proposal and created a scholarship paper. I worked with about six Drew faculty members on this, a lot of individualized attention. I got the scholarship and had a lot of support from Drew to do so. ”
—Saif Yasin ’17
Yale Fellow, MD/PhD Student at the University of Maryland

Network with Alumni Pros

Ben Dunlap ’21 landed his internship with tech entrepreneur Erin O’Connor ’15 through a common connection: both had worked at Drew’s Career Center.

Shiqi Huang ’19 jumped at an offer from Broadway pro Buist Bickley ’06 to assist with set design on his new stage production.

Jared Sutton ’18 values the mentorship of Cathy Brennan ’86, now New Jersey’s deputy treasurer, in building his government relations career.

Professor Jim Bazewicz has been the best mentor to me and is a wonderful human being. He opened up the world of design and made it accessible. Now that I've graduated, he continues to provide me with guidance and support during the first steps of my career. ”
—Madeleine Blossom ’18
Production Stage Manager, Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre