Launch Your Life.

Sky’s the limit? Why limit yourself to the sky?

Launch—our one-of-a-kind, leading-edge path to an undergraduate education—syncs career development with rigorous academics and powerful community.

Know what you want to do? Let’s get started. Not sure? Let’s explore. We guarantee two real-world, resume-ready experiences—think internships, New York City semesters, hands-on research, etc.—and plenty of opportunities to earn professional credentials. Your mentorship team supports and guides you along the way.

You graduate with more knowledge, more skills, more experience, more mentors and more opportunities.

You graduate ready to launch.

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Put the "Hire" in Higher Education.

We built career development into each of your four years at Drew. Know what you want to do? Let’s get started. Not sure? Let’s explore.


Find Your Yoda(s).

A faculty mentor or an academic advisor is on your side before you take your first class at Drew. Then we help you expand and customize your mentorship team with industry leaders and academic experts who help guide you forward.


Learn it. Use it.

We guarantee two real-world learning experiences—think internships, hands-on research, city semesters, etc.—that help make your job or graduate school applications stand out.


Plug in.

You belong to a powerful community of friends for life and first-rate fellow students. They save you a seat at lunch, lend you their power cord, laugh at your jokes and proofread your resume.


Our Bottom Line.

Let’s be clear—college tuition is too high. So we lowered ours by 20% in fall 2018. We rolled it back to 2010 to provide even greater access to the benefits of a Drew education for even more families. And our generous scholarships and need-based financial aid lower costs even more.

Watch the video. Launch.