Launch Your Future.

Ready, Set, Launch

Our new Launch undergraduate experience ensures that every student graduates with a purpose, sought-after transferable skills, a network of mentors and an experience-based résumé. Guaranteed.

Every student graduates experienced. Notch at least two immersive experiences—like internships, research and more. They’re required for graduation and documented in transcripts.

Every student graduates skilled. Learn a set of transferable, adaptable workplace skills—like critical thinking and oral communication. These are taught in classrooms and applied in immersive experiences.

Every student graduates networked. Develop a network of mentors to guide and support you. They’re a multilayered team of faculty, alums, counselors and other experts cultivated by you (with assistance from us).

Every student graduates ready to launch.

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Surefire Success

Great outcomes prove it: Drew graduates are ready to launch. They demonstrate the skills-based experience employers and grad schools seek. They build networks that connect them to opportunity. And they have a Launch Plan that pulls it all together.


Network of Mentors

One mentor is marvelous. But a coordinated, multilayered network of mentors is true Drew. Launch integrates guidance across a network of academic, career and personal advisors selected by the student and facilitated by a Launch counselor.


Résumé-Ready Experiences

All Drew students graduate with at least two immersive experiences—guaranteed. What’s an immersive experience? Internships, sure, but Drew expands the definition, embracing the many ways students apply transferable skills and expand their networks in real-world settings, on and off campus.

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Life In The Forest

Launch your future in a powerful community. Drew is a vibrant, diverse, friendly, personal and generous place. Here in The Forest, students are empowered to find their best selves in a wealth of campus activity and a world of wider opportunity.

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Find Your Program

Choose from 39 majors, 60+ minors, 12 combined-degree programs and 17 pre-professional programs. Our Launch undergraduate experience puts you on a trajectory of success, while your program of study guides your focus.


Our Bottom Line

Let’s be clear—college tuition is too high. So we lowered ours by 20% in fall 2018. We rolled it back to 2010 to provide even greater access to the benefits of a Drew education for even more families. And our generous scholarships and need-based financial aid lower costs even more.