Baldwin Honors.


Baldwin Honors

For scholars, leaders and global citizens
$25,000 toward tuition each year

Baldwin Honors Scholars are Drew’s highest-achieving students, chosen for their strong academic record and exceptional leadership to pursue opportunities for independent learning, engagement and research beyond the regular undergraduate curriculum.

Baldwin Scholars complete an advanced 21-credit curriculum that includes an 8-credit senior thesis:

  • First year: Attend a one-credit fall honors colloquium and spring honors seminar
  • Sophomore year: Take a fall or spring honors seminar
  • Junior year: Participate in a community initiative
  • Senior year: Complete a capstone honors thesis or project

Scholars also take part in unique learning and leadership opportunities:

  • Research Grants: Apply for funding to support your research at Drew or abroad, during the academic year and the summer.
  • Scholars Advisory Committee: Serve as an elected member of the Honors Scholars Advisory Committee and help design and organize future events and programming.
  • Networking with Leaders: Receive exclusive invitations to network with alumni and meet distinguished guests such as John Oliver, Arianna Huffington, Cory Booker and Condoleezza Rice.
  • Cultural Events: Attend a play and an opening night gala at the Shakespeare Theatre. Enjoy free cultural experiences, from concerts at Lincoln Center to museum trips to New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Merit Scholarship Award

Students invited to participate in the Baldwin Honors Program receive $25,000 toward their tuition each year. Beyond merit awards, eligible students may also qualify for need-based financial assistance.

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Mariel Hooper, C’14

Now pursuing law degree at Harvard Law School

In the Baldwin Honors Program, you take several seminar-style classes, which are very intimate and help you become comfortable thinking out loud in front of a class and making worthwhile contributions. It prepared me for my favorite part of law school—walking through the logic of a case in front of my classmates.


Kishan Patel C’15

Now pursuing master’s degree at Oxford University

“I did an honors thesis through the Baldwin Honors Program. I was able to write at a higher level, do a lot of independent research and also have professors supporting me. The program really does prepare you for life after Drew when you want to go into graduate school.”


If you have demonstrated academic excellence and talent, purposeful engagement, and leadership in your school or community, you are eligible to be considered for the Baldwin Scholars program.

You must have an A average in your high school’s most rigorous college preparatory program, and a minimum SAT score in the mid-1200s (critical reading and mathematics) or a total ACT score of 27.

Current Drew students may also be nominated by the faculty to join the Honors Program or apply during their first and sophomore years.

The admissions committee selects students for the program based on their admission applications and supporting documents. Candidates will be notified of their selection at the time of their admission to Drew. There is a cap on the Baldwin Program of 60 students per class.

Once they have entered the Baldwin program, students are expected to maintain a 3.6 GPA to remain in the program. A 3.0 GPA is required to retain the Baldwin Scholarship.