Faculty Mentorship.


Faculty Mentorship

Find Your Yoda

Because being taken under the wing of a brilliant professor is like being mentored by Yoda. Intellectual curiosity + faculty mentorship + learning by doing = catching fire and taking off.


Khemani Gibson ’14

History/Pan-African Studies/Spanish Triple Major, Currently pursuing PhD at New York University

"Taking a course with Dr. Lillie Edwards helped me to realize that I wanted to go into history. But more than that, she helped me get through my four years. She counseled me through applying for Baldwin Honors for my second year, studying abroad in my third year and ultimately in applying to grad school."


Lillie Johnson Edwards

History and African-American/African Studies

“I will often say to students, ‘You do realize I work for you? It is my job to fulfill your need. You should take full advantage of the fact that I work for you.’ Khemani is the kind of student who did just that. He was doing the work for himself—not just to do well for me—and I encouraged him in every way I could.”


Gabi Bisconti ’16

Theatre Arts/English Double Major

“Professor Lisa Brenner helped me to figure out what I wanted to do after college by getting me an internship with a great non-profit in New York City called New York Women in Film and Television. It was an opportunity to network and learn from industry mentors that I never would have had if not for a Drew professor.”


Lisa Brenner

Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts

“I think it was the combination of me listening to Gabi and really understanding what it is that she wanted to do, and thinking about what would be a good opportunity for her. I would say I’m the rule, not the exception. I think that most professors at Drew are really so hands-on and so nurturing of their students.”


Saif Yasin ’17

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Double Major

“My favorite professor is my research advisor Dr. Adam Cassano. He gave me independence in doing research projects. He wouldn’t say ‘this is what we’re doing next.' He’d say ‘what do you think?'”


Adam Cassano

Associate Professor of Chemistry

“I believe in giving all of my research students a lot of independence, because I think that is a very important thing a researcher needs to develop. They need to be able to come up with their own ideas and their own thoughts.”


Laura Frese ’12

Double Major, Biology and Computer Science

“I was interested in placental stem cells as a treatment for brain disease. Even though Dr. Knowles wasn’t my professor, he was so supportive that I asked if I could join his Alzheimer’s research.”


Roger Knowles

Professor of Biology and Neuroscience

“Because of Laura’s interest, we ended up having four students working on stem cells at Drew for the first time.”