The College Committee on Academic Standing is concerned with the academic performance of students, with power to act on individual requests and on standing and retention of individuals. The committee also makes recommendations to the faculty on policies for academic progress and standing, evaluation, retention, and graduation of students.

All requests for registration and/or add/drop after the published deadline are submitted to the committee for review and approval if appropriate. Faculty requests for changes of grade must also be submitted to the committee. Petitions are reviewed biweekly during the fall and spring semesters. Students must submit petitions with all appropriate signatures to the office of the registrar in advance of the scheduled meeting dates. Meeting dates and times are posted in the registrar’s office.

The committee meets weekly Wednesdays for Spring 2018

Academic Standing Committee Petition Form 

For changes to majors, minors or General Education requirements: CLA Dean forms for students

For Grade Forgiveness policy and instructions: Student Grade Forgiveness

Committee members for Spring 2018: Associate Provost Judith Redling, Hilary Kalagher, Chairperson, Dean of Students Frank Merckx, Caroline Maier, Summer Harrison, James Carter