How does a student initiate the notification of absence process?

A student who misses two or more days of class (due to an unavoidable event such as illness or a death in the family) is asked to notify his or her professors of the absence and then contact the Academic Services office. The student is asked to verify the absence through documentation such as physician’s notification or death notice. The Academic Services office will then send notice of verification to professors.

Students note:  the Academic Services office is not excusing the absence, but verifying receipt of notice. It is the individual professor who will determine whether the absence is excused in light of the predetermined requirements for the course.

To submit a request for an absence verification, please complete the form below and provide us with supporting documentation. Or visit us in BC 114.

Absence Verification Form

Note: Reports from emergency room visits verify absences on the visit date only. Where further treatment or recovery time is suggested by an emergency room visit, additional documentation is needed to verify absences on additional days.

Your documentation needs to state the recommended date of absence and date of return. It should also include the complete contact information of the physician.