The health and safety of Drew University students, faculty and staff are important concerns. Only assistance animals that meet the criteria detailed in the application form will be exempt from the rules that otherwise restrict or prohibit animals.
A student requesting the use of an assistance animal must complete the application form available on the Undergraduate Housing web page.
1. The completed application along with an Assistance Animal Application must be submitted to the Office of Disability Services. This request should be made as soon as possible, preferably prior to the start of the semester to best enable the scheduling of housing arrangements.
2. The student must present current documentation of disability including statements from medical provider/diagnostician which describes the criteria used to assess the impact of the disability.
3. The student must provide appropriate documentation of their disability that clearly and explicitly explains the need for an assistance animal and its specific function.
4. Requests that lack evidence of the animal’s necessity to the student will be denied.
5. The application form must be completely filled and signed and dated.

Exclusion from Campus

An Assistance Animal may be excluded from the University premises or specific areas of the campus for the following reasons:
1. The animal’s behavior is disruptive, not controlled and the owner does not take effective corrective action. Disruptive behavior may include barking, whining, growling, wandering, sniffing people, initiating contact with someone without permission.
2. The animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.
3. Animal illness.
4. Hygiene- dirty, strong odor, not groomed, evidence of fleas, ticks, etc.
5. Animal is not on a leash.
6. Aggressive behavior.
Housing Assignment
If an assistance animal is approved for a student living in University housing, the student will be assigned housing that will seek to minimize the possibility of other students being negatively impacted by the animal.

Assistance Animal Application