Board of Trustees.


Board of Trustees

Membership on the Drew University Board of Trustees is one of the highest honors that Drew can bestow upon an individual. Election to the board indicates that an individual has made a significant contribution to his or her community, has made noteworthy achievements in the service of society, and is capable of making equally important contributions to the university and to higher education.

2016–2017 Board Roster


  • MaryAnn Baenninger, President
  • Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton
  • Judith E. Campbell P’94, G’10,’16
  • William M. Cicchino T’10
  • Dean T. Criares C’85, Chair
  • D. Stuart Dunnan
  • Tony Ehinger C’80
  • Emilia A. Fabricant C’88
  • Robert Franek C’93
  • William M. Freeman C’74, Vice Chair
  • Fredrick Fuest C’68, P’02,’08, Vice Chair
  • Angela B. Gerken P’15
  • Bruce Hartman T’13
  • Bishop Peggy A. Johnson
  • William T. Knox P’96
  • William W. Landis III C’85
  • Hwain C. Lee T’99
  • Betsy S. Michel
  • Edward Moed C’89
  • Lawrence G. Morris C’94
  • Jeffrey B. Noss C’75
  • Joseph C. Noto C’95
  • Eric Purcell C’99
  • De’Andre M. Salter C’92
  • Bishop John Schol
  • Chris Smith C’91
  • Suzanne Mertz Spero C’91
  • Gary S. Stein, Secretary
  • Vanessa L. Van Brunt C’92
  • Jennifer Velez C’87
  • Pauline Wardell-Sankoh T’97

Trustees Emeriti

  • Lewis D. Andrews, Jr. C’68
  • C.W. Carson, Jr.
  • Barbara Morris Caspersen G’83,’86,’90
  • Raymond G. Chambers
  • John H. Crawford III T’65
  • Hugh A. D’Andrade
  • John H. Evans
  • Michele E. Fabrizio C’73
  • Barbara T. Howell
  • Bishop Ernest S. Lyght T’68
  • Elizabeth H. Marsh G’83,’90,’91
  • Heath B. McLendon
  • Eugene I. Meyers P’88,’90
  • Nancy W. Priest C’83, P’86
  • B.P. Russell
  • Nancy S. Schaenen
  • Charles H. Straut C’58, T’62,’77, P’81,’84,’91
  • Mary A. Stringfield C’70
  • Shirley Sugerman G’70
  • Edward J. Wynne, Jr. T’62
  • Jeanne T. Zenker

An italicized name indicates the community member is deceased.