The Spring 2014 Common Hour has an exciting format for students in the Class of 2017. 
*This is your syllabus for the Spring 2014 Common Hour*

This semester, students are required to attend three Wednesday noontime meetings plus an advisement appointment, in addition to six additional events from our Common Hour Events Calendar.

Students in CSEM102 with Professor Nicolas:
Check with Professor Nicholas to verify the full list of requirements for your College Seminar class.

What is the Common Hour Events Calendar?

Students must attend four mandatory Common Hour sessions (three noontime meetings, plus an advisement appointment) and at least six additional events from the Common Hour Events Calendar, for a total of 10 programs. These events will occur throughout the spring semester. Students have the freedom to select which six events they would like to attend from the designated Common Hour Calendar to fulfill your Common Hour Requirement.

The Four Required Programs for Common Hour:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Spring Common Hour Program Overview
12 – 12:50 PM
CSEMs 001 – 021: Report to the DOYO Concert Hall
CSEMs 022 – 025 + CSEM102 (Nicolas): Report to HS4

Week of April 7, 2014
Individual Advisement Appointment
Students, you must schedule this appointment with your Advisor

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Majors Fair
12 – 12:50 PM
Location: Various Classrooms in BC
Visit various classrooms in Brothers College to learn about the different majors at Drew.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Semester Wrap-Up Meeting
12 – 12:50 PM
Location: Your assigned CSEM classroom
Peer Mentors will lead this meeting to wrap-up the spring semester Common Hour.

Common Hour Events Calendar

Attend a minimum of 6 events from the calendar:

From the following calendar of programs, students must attend a minimum of six programs throughout the Spring 2014 semester. Attendance will be taken by Peer Mentors at each of these events. Students are responsible to ensure their attendance is taken by a Peer Mentor at each event. Students who leave events early will not be given credit for the event.