There are some rules and regulations regarding where you can post flyers and posters on campus. The following rules apply to posting on the Campus grounds.

  • Where to post flyers: On all public bulletin boards on campus. The sponsoring organization is responsible for posting flyers (use only blue/green painters tape or masking tape) and removing flyers within 48 hours after the conclusion of the event.
  • Where NOT to post flyers: When posting flyers and posters, please respect University property. Do not post on building windows and doors or on organization-specific bulletin boards without the permission of those organizations or departments. Posters may be tied to trees, but they may not be nailed or tacked as doing so will harm the trees. Please keep in mind the weather and remove decomposing posters as quickly as possible.
  • Chalk cannot be used on any buildings, walkways, staircases, etc. and may be treated as vandalism.

*Please note: If the posting by a club/organization event is posted in an unapproved location and the posting creates damage to the university building or property, the price to correct the damage may be changed to the club/organization.