• Email messages for campus wide distribution can be submitted using this form.
  • Messages promoting club events must be sent from a club email address. To request a club email address or access to your current club email address, please contact the CNS Help Desk.
  • Only one message may be submitted promoting an event or club activity. Reminder messages or updates may be posted to the Drew Community Forums.
  • Due to the volume of messages we normally experience during the academic year, messages are not normally sent during the day but are queued up and sent over night.
  • Messages are normally sent Tuesday thru Saturday nights.
  • Messages must be received by 4pm in order to be included in the batch of messages processed over night.
  • All student messages that are sent out to the distribution lists must first be approved by the Office of Student Activities.
  • Messages may not contain attachments (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Messages may not contain images (jpg, gif, bmp files).
  • Guidelines governing the use of the campus wide lists can be found here.

Please make sure you are familiar with these guidelines if you are planning to send a campus wide email.
In particular, please note that on campus events must take place in handicapped accessible locations in order to be advertised via campus wide email.

In Addition, Please note

  • Your messages will not be checked for spelling, grammar or accuracy. Please proofread your messages and double check dates and times before sending.
  • Space on Drew.edu/home has been dedicated to display links to recent posts to the Drew Community Forums, so information posted there will be easily visible to the Drew Community.