The mission of the Organization shall be to encourage and foster an interest and skill in public speaking, to build confidence, while teaching critical thinking. This organization will encourage students to fully develops their ideas and learn how to effectively prove a point. Students will learn how to argue with others while presenting themselves in a civil manner. Ideally, students will develop into effective communicators and leaders. The organization also hopes to facilitate the awareness of common knowledges topics in politics and philosophy. This club also hopes to create a competitive atmosphere where students can socialize in an academic setting. Students will be able to compete on a local, state, and maybe even national level. The team plans to compete in parlimentary debate in the American Palimentary Debate Association.

Advisor: Edward Baring


  • President: Saif Yasin
  • Vice President: Richa Patel
  • Treasurer: Jal Trivedi
  • Secretary: Esther Tobe