!BOAS (named in honor of famous anthropologist Franz Boas as well as an acronym for Bridging Our Anthropology Students) is the Anthropology Club at Drew University. Anthropology is the study of humankind and other primates using various and diverse methods to explore anthropology related questions. !Boas seeks to connect students across the four areas of Anthropology (Cultural, Biological, Archeology, and Linguistics) as well as educate Drewids about Anthropology and the amazing species of homosapians.

Advisor: Allan Dawson


  • President: Chrystalin Popp
  • Vice President: Felicia Sparozic
  • Treasurer: Kimberly Chadwell
  • PR Representative: Lisa Leone
  • Webmaster: Ivy Wong
Email: boas@drew.edu
Twitter: @BOASDrew