Q: I am a freshman student and want to bring my car to campus for a few days. May I make arrangements for this?
A: Freshmen and Sophomores may only get temporary parking permits from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. They will not be given temporary permits for any other times unless they receive special approval in advance from the Director of Public Safety.

Q: I am a Senior and have a student parking pass on my car, but it is in the shop for a few days and I will be using my parents’ car in the meantime. What should I do?
A: If a student with a valid parking pass will be using a different vehicle for awhile, he/she may obtain a temporary parking permit at no charge which will permit parking in their assigned lot.

Q: I am a Senior but do not have a car on campus. May I register my friend’s car in my name?
A: No. The car must belong to the student or the parents of the student who is registering it.

Q: If I encounter an emergency situation in my residence hall, should I first call the Madison Police Department?
A: No. Call the Department of Public Safety at emergency extensions 4444. The dispatcher will send an officer immediately and also has a direct line to the Madison Police if any further assistance is needed.

Q: If it’s night, and the only available parking spaces are in Tilghman Lot, far away from my residence hall, what can I do to feel safe?
A: Park your car in Tilghman and then go to either the gatehouse, the Department of Public Safety in Pepin or call the department at 973-408-3379.  An Officer will escort you back to your residence hall.

Q: I commute to school at Drew. Where should I park?
A: There is one commuter lot behind Lewis House, next to the Methodist Church. Commuters may also park in the Main or Tilghman lots.

Q: I know some people involved in an incident that should be reported, but I’m concerned about retaliation. What should I do?
A: Public Safety has a voice mailbox – extension 5656 – dedicated to crime tips. Students may leave confidential messages regarding an incident without identifying themselves.

Q: I want to drive a car on University business. What rules do I have to follow to be properly insured and follow University regulations?
A: To drive your own personal vehicle you must have your driver license checked by Public Safety. This check usually takes several days, so plan accordingly. There is no charge and you must have your license checked once each academic year. Call the Department of Public Safety for further information.

In order to drive any rented vehicle (excluding 15-passenger vans) you must be over the age of 21, have your license checked and also have completed a certified Defensive Driving course within the past five years. (The Department teaches a certified course several times during the academic year.)

In order to drive a 15-passenger van you must be a faculty or staff member, have your driver license checked by Public Safety and also have completed the Department’s Van Safety class which is taught several times during the academic year.

To drive the Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) seven- passenger van,you must over the age of 19, have your license checked, and have completed the Department’s Van Safety class within the past three years.

Emergencies: x
Non Emergencies: x3379
Tips Hotline: x5656