The Department of Public Safety provides escorts on request for students, faculty and staff during evening hours when a person would feel safer by having a patrol officer’s escort. Transportation to and from classes is provided for students who need such service because of medical problems.

Escorts to the Madison train station for students, staff and faculty for safety or medical reasons are only given when there is an officer available. For escorts to the train station, community members are strongly encouraged to contact a local cab company. Luggage cannot be accommodated.

Fire Alarms

Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers have been strategically placed in all residence halls to protect life and property. The sophisticated alarm system is monitored 24 hours a day. Department of Public Safety personnel are dispatched and respond immediately to any alarm condition. We value your privacy as well as your safety. Every attempt will be made to turn off the warning horns as soon as it has been ascertained that no danger exists.

Vandalizing the alarm system, covering smoke detectors or illegally discharging fire extinguishers are serious offenses. Every effort will be made to identify persons who compromise public safety through such acts. Offenders will be criminally charged or referred to the Dean of Student Life for appropriate disciplinary action.

In compliance with state regulations, twice during each academic year the Department of Public Safety and the Office of Residence Life conduct fire drills in all residential areas, requiring complete evacuation.

Medical Emergencies

Report all medical emergencies to the Department of Public Safety (x4444). The officer at the Dispatch Desk at Pepin is in direct contact with the Madison First Aid Squad and Drew’s own patrols.

Parking and Traffic

The strict enforcement of parking and traffic regulations is essential to smooth everyday operations. Regulations are enforced by uniformed officers, both on foot and in marked patrol cars. You can avoid costly fines and the inconvenience of having your car impounded by familiarizing yourself with those traffic regulations. Copies of the Drew Traffic Regulations Handbook are available at the Department of Public Safety, and have been posted online. Appeals forms for summonses issued can be obtained in person only at the Department of Public Safety headquarters.

Campus Safety Seminars

Officers within the Department of Public Safety are available to speak to any concerned individuals or groups at any time. Meetings are often scheduled through resident assistants early in the academic year to help create campus safety awareness and answer questions.

Periodically, throughout the academic year, Officers hold classes for Drew community members. These include Defensive Driving, Fire Safety, 15-Passenger Van Safety, C.E.R.T., and Rape Aggression Defense / Self-Defense Classes. These classes are taught by officers carrying all necessary instructor certifications. Classes are open to all community members and many are free of charge (with the exception of any fees required by outside agencies providing attendance certification).

Sexual Assault

We are aware that sexual assault and rape are among the most traumatizing of all crimes.

All of our officers understand that proper treatment of victims in these cases is of the utmost importance. In-service training, discussions and input from faculty and students is part of the process that the Department of Public Safety uses to prepare our officers to deal with these crimes.

If such crimes occur they will be handled with confidentiality and sensitivity and the victim will be given the full support of this department. For further information regarding policies and procedures for dealing with sexual assault, consult Daniel’s Dictionary and Student Handbook.

Substance Abuse

New Jersey state and federal laws make it illegal for those under the age of 21 to purchase, possess or consume alcohol. Likewise, it is illegal for persons of legal age to purchase or provide alcohol for those under 21.

University regulations do not permit bulk quantities of alcoholic beverages (such as kegs and beer balls) in residence halls. Also, the University upholds state laws regarding the use, sale or possession of drugs.

All students are expected to be acquainted with and to abide by state and University regulations regarding the consumption of alcohol and other drugs. The Department of Public Safety will strictly enforce the policies of the University. Persons in violation may be subject to both criminal sanctions and civil liability under state law — in addition to University disciplinary procedures.

Individuals who get into trouble at Drew because of alcohol abuse are mandated to attend a five-session educational seminar sponsored by the Counseling Center. During this seminar, these individuals will learn about alcohol and its effects. The Counseling Center also has programs for those with drug abuse problems and can provide referrals to outside agencies.

Vehicle Registration

All students who have permission to have a vehicle on campus must register that vehicle at the Department of Public Safety’s gatehouse on Lancaster Road. Additionally, Drew hosts are responsible for registering the vehicles of their guests. They must accompany their guest to the Gatehouse and purchase a temporary decal at the cost of $2/night. If the Gatehouse is not open, guests and hosts can obtain a temporary parking decal from the Department dispatch desk in the Pepin Services Building.

Visitors to Campus

All official visitors are required to check in with Public Safety in the Pepin Services Building upon their arrival on campus. This includes, but is not limited to, federal, state and local representatives conducting official business on Drew’s campus.