Writing Placement Fall 2014

There are 2 ways to place into the appropriate section of College Writing: Scenario A or Scenario B.  Choose the Scenario that best describes your situation and follow the instructions.  We have designed the placement system to ensure that you are in the class that will both challenge you and help you develop the new skills necessary to become a successful college writer.

Scenario A:  You submitted verbal (not writing) SAT or English ACT scores to Drew

If we received your verbal SAT or English ACT scores, please register for college writing using your score based on the following breakdown.

SAT 200-510 or ACT 10-22   WRTG 102

SAT 520-650 or ACT 23-29   WRTG 103

SAT 660-800 or ACT 30-36   WRTG 104

If you submitted both SAT and ACT scores to Drew, you may use whichever score was higher.  If you feel your placement based on your scores is incorrect, you may challenge your placement on the first day of class.

Scenario B: If you would like to challenge your SAT or ACT score

Please complete our online Writing Placement Checklist to best advise you of your placement.  You are welcome to complete the checklist before arriving on campus.