Instructions for taking the Italian Placement Exam

The language placement examination must be taken before enrolling in the first language course at Drew if you would like to start at an advanced level (not the 100-level entry course).

All placement exams are required only if you have experience with the language and you would like to test into a higher level than the initial language course.

Please note, any student who places beyond the intermediate level of a language will be required to take an additional exam during August Orientation. A faculty member will confirm this additional exam with you.

  1. Log on to following web address: (opens in a new window)
  2. Drew University Placement Exam. It is essential that you see this page. Otherwise you have put in the wrong web address and need to reenter it.
  3. Enter the password: rangers1 and press Login. Please note that the character after “rangers” is the number 1 and not an L.
  4. On the next page, select Italian as the language and press Begin.
  5. Fill in the next page with your personal information; please note that your first name, last name and Email are required. Finish and press Continue.
  6. You will see a page titled: Drew University Placement Exam. Proceed with the test which consists of a series of multiple choice questions.
  7. When you are finished, you will see a numerical score and suggested placement in an Italian class (sem. 1, sem. 2, etc–please, see below for complete information). You are finished with the test and can log off. Your score, combined with other information as appropriate, will be used by the faculty of the Italian department and your adviser to select the appropriate Italian class.