Placement exam for MATH 150 – Calculus and Analytic Geometry I

There is no mathematics requirement at Drew, but you will need to take the placement exam if you will be taking MATH 150. Students taking Precalculus (MATH 001) do not need to take this placement exam.

The Drew University Calculus Placement Exam is a 45-minute multiple-choice exam for students who wish to take Calculus I (MATH 150) at Drew. If you do not wish to take Calculus I (MATH 150) at Drew, you do not need to take the exam. If you have received transfer credit or AP credit for Calculus, you do not need to take the exam. (Drew awards AP credit for a score of 4 or 5 on the Calculus AB exam or for a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the Calculus BC exam.)

The exam covers high school mathematics topics through trigonometry and precalculus. Your score on the placement exam will determine whether you will take Calculus I (MATH 150) or Preparation for Calculus (MATH 001) first.

A sample exam with solutions is available at hereThe sample exam is intended to give you an idea of the type of material you will find on the actual placement test. The sample exam may help you decide whether or not to review some topics on your own before taking the actual placement test.

Exam Information

Please register for a login to take this exam: Login Request Form

Once you are ready to take the actual placement test, read and follow the instructions included in your email.

You must be connected to the internet during the 45-minute exam. We advise you to take the exam using a notebook or desktop PC or Mac. We have not designed the exam for tablets or mobile devices.

You may use pencil and paper, but you may NOT use a calculator or other resources.

To access the exam, follow the information emailed to you. If you cannot locate that message, you may call the office at 973.408.3924 or email us at to request your Math Exam login information.

Please note:

Once you submit your exam for grading, your placement (MATH 001 or MATH 150) will be displayed along with your score on the exam.

Make a note of your placement result to use when you register for courses at Drew. If you accidentally quit the exam without seeing your score and placement, you can log into the site again to see your score (14/26 or better places you into MATH 150; 13/26 or below places you into MATH 001). If you cannot find your placement, you can email the exam site administrator at to look up your score and placement.

MATH 150 is required for the biochemistry, chemistry, mathematics, and physics majors, and it counts as elective credit for the biology major.  Even if you do not plan to take MATH 150 in the fall, if you anticipate taking MATH 150 at some point in your college career, you should take the placement exam during orientation.

You are given a maximum of 45 minutes to take this exam. Students are allowed scrap paper and pencils, but no calculators.

You can find more information about the placement exam, including the topics it will cover and a sample exam, at the link below:

If you have questions, you may direct them via email to the chair of the department, Professor Sarah Abramowitz