Placement exam for MATH 150 – Calculus and Analytic Geometry I

There is no mathematics requirement at Drew, and you need to take the placement exam only if you will be taking MATH 150.  MATH 150 is required for the biochemistry, chemistry, mathematics, and physics majors, and it counts as elective credit for the biology major.  Even if you do not plan to take MATH 150 in the fall, if you anticipate taking MATH 150 at some point in your college career, you should take the placement exam.

The exam will take about 30 minutes.

You can find more information about the placement exam, including the topics it will cover and a sample exam, at the link below:

Based on your placement exam results, you will be placed in either MATH 150, or if you need to improve your mathematics background, into MATH 001- Preparation for Calculus. (Note: Only students who will eventually take MATH 150 may take MATH 001.)

The scheduled class meeting  times for MATH 150 and MATH 001 in the Fall 2015 semester are available in our course catalog.

If you have questions, you may direct them via email to the chair of the department, Professor Sarah Abramowitz