Please note, these exams are not required for all students, please see descriptions below!

Language Placement Exams

At Drew, all students are required to demonstrate proficiency through the intermediate level in one foreign language. Proficiency may be demonstrated by any one of the following ways:

• Successful completion of an intermediate course (currently numbered 201) at Drew;
• A score of 680 or higher on the appropriate SAT II;
• A score of 4 or 5 on the appropriate Advanced Placement examination;
• Placement beyond the intermediate level on a Drew language placement examination as determined by the appropriate language program.

Incoming first year students and transfer students should take the language placement examination before registering for the fall semester if you are continuing with a language you started in high school or if you speak the language at home. If you plan to fulfill your language requirement with a language you begin at Drew, you will need to complete three semesters of the language. It is highly recommended that these three semesters be completed consecutively.

The language placement examination is offered at four different times during the academic year:

• At the Summer Orientation for incoming first-year students
• At the New Student Orientation in the beginning of the fall semester
• During advising weeks in the fall semester (in early November)
• During advising weeks in the spring semester for first-year students not currently enrolled in a language (in early April)

The language placement examination must be taken before enrolling in the first language course at Drew if you would like to start at an advanced level (not the 100-level entry course).
Placement test can only be taken once, and a picture ID will be required to take it.

All placement exams are required only if you have experience with the language and you would like to test into a higher level than the initial language course.

  • French, Italian, German, Latin, and Spanish – These are online exams can be completed at Summer Orientation
  • Arabic, Chinese and Russian – These exams are oral and/or written, to be completed at Summer Orientation

 Science and Math Placement Exams

  • Biology – This written exam will be administered on campus
    • This exam is only for students who meet all of the following requirements:
      1. Students who have taken the AP Biology Exam and received a 4 or 5 on the exam. If you do not yet have your Exam results, but you took the AP Biology Exam, please still take this placement test.
      2. Students who intend to major in biology or a biology-related field, and students who are seeking exemption from the biology lecture component of Biology 150.
    • Please bring a pen or pencil to take this exam; a calculator will be provided
  • Chemistry – This online exam can be completed at home or on campus.
    • This exam is for all students who plan on majoring in any of the following areas:
      • Biology, Neuroscience, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pre-Medicine, or Pre-Health
        • This exam will place you accordingly into Chem 150 or Chem 151
        • Any student who does not take this exam, but registers for Chem 150, will be dropped from the course after the first week of class.
    • Please have a calculator (basic, not scientific) and a pen or pencil to take this exam.
  • Math – This online exam is required for any student wishing to take Math 150, Calculus and Analytic Geometry I and is only offered on campus. Students who plan to major in Math, Physics, Chemistry, or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are required to take calculus.
    • Students are allowed scrap paper and pencils, but no calculators when taking this exam.
  • Students who wish to take MATH 001, Preparation for Calculus (precalculus) can register for MATH 001 without taking the placement test.