As a new student, it is normal to have questions about Drew policies and college life in general. Here are some useful links that will help make the process clearer.

Getting to Drew

  • Driving Directions to Drew
  • Public Transportation to Drew
    • If you are taking public transit to campus, and are in need of a ride from the train station, please contact us! We do not want anyone walking up to campus from the train with their luggage!
      • Phone: 973-408-3924 | Email:

Campus Map

Now you can also find building to building walking directions, so you wont get lost wondering around campus.

Packing List

Don’t forget your toothbrush! This link page includes a list of items that every residential student should bring.


It’s never too early to start thinking of how you can get involved on campus. Here’s a directory of clubs and groups at Drew.

Daniel’s Dictionary


Daniel’s Dictionary will explain everything about Drew from lingo to academic policies.