Move In Schedule: Thursday, August 20, 2020

Please check your status online at prior to move in day. If you have unfinished items on your check list, please contact the appropriate departments to resolve any unfinished items.

Resident Students!

First year students who are living on campus will move into the residence halls on this day. We coordinate the move in process for over 400 new students, therefore, it is a carefully managed and planned process! Please be sure to stick to your assigned move in time!

When resident students arrive on campus, Drew University Public Safety and campus signage will direct you to our Lancaster Road campus entrance. All resident students (and their parents/family members) must enter campus via this designated entrance. Once your vehicle reaches Tilghman House, you will receive your packet of information for the week, including the orientation schedule. Your car will then be directed to pull around and wait in another section of the parking lot – we encourage all students to have someone else in the driver seat to help us move things along as quickly as we can!

7:00 AM | BROWN

7:30 AM | TOLLEY

  • All rooms in the 300s
  • All rooms in the 300s

 8:00 AM | BROWN

9:00 AM | TOLLEY

  • All rooms in the 200s
  • All rooms in the 200s

 9:30AM | BROWN


  • All rooms in the 100s
  • All Tolley rooms in the 100s
  • All Welch rooms in the 300s

 10:30 AM | WELCH

 11:00 AM | WELCH

  • All rooms in the 200s
  •  All rooms in the 100s

10:30 AM | All Commuter Students Report to the Ehinger Center for Check-In, Enter Campus through the Glenwild Road Entrance.

11.30 AM | New first year students in all other residence halls

*Please note this schedule is subject to change.

Recommendations: We also recommend labeling all of your bags and boxes with your hall and room number, as we have our Drew Move-In Crew on site to help unload your car. If your items are labeled, it will allow us to deliver all of your items directly to your room.

We also encourage you to speak with your roommate(s) prior to Move In Day in order to coordinate details concerning items you may wish share for the upcoming year!

Items for sale…

Bed, Bath & Beyond will be hosting a tent sale outside of the Brown Hall during move in day. Bed, Bath and Beyond accepts cash and credit cards.

Sample list of Items for Sale From Bed, Bath & Beyond

  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Mattress pads
  • Mattress protectors
  • Drapes (panels)
  • Backrests
  • Tension rods
  • Packs of wash cloths
  • Waste paper baskets
  • Bath totes
  • Room size rugs
  • Utensil sets
  • Can opener
  • Microwave food covers
  • Ice cube trays

  • Cookie sheet
  • Frypans
  • Water bottles
  • Coffee maker
  • Electric tea kettle
  • Fans
  • Hangers
  • Stacking bins
  • Under-bed bins
  • Desk organization
  • Shoe racks
  • Bulbs
  • Lamps
  • Surge protectors
  • Adhesive hooks

  • Batteries
  • Cell phone charging
  • Tool kit
  • Locks
  • Different cables for electronics
  • First aid kit
  • Laundry hampers
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Dust buster
  • Clothing steamer
  • Lounging chairs
  • Over the door mirrors
  • Clock radio
  • Rain umbrella
  • Snacks/water