New Student Orientation

The mission of Orientation in the College of Liberal Arts is to assist in the transition of new first-year, transfer, and continuing education undergraduate students to Drew University through intentional, shared experiences for new students and their family members. The Orientation Committee, under the advisement of the Office of Student Activities and in collaboration with campus departments, facilitates the transition to academic and social life at Drew University by promoting a greater understanding of the campus, the culture, traditions, and expectations in which the university community thrives.

Encompassed within is the overall commitment to Drew University’s mission, to offer its diverse community of learners a challenging and individualized education shaped by a deep-rooted culture of mentoring, thoughtful engagement with the world beyond its campus, and a steadfast commitment to lifelong cultivation of the whole person. Through its distinctive emphasis on the reciprocity of knowledge, experience, and service, Drew prepares its students to flourish both personally and professionally as they add to the world’s good by responding to the urgent challenges of our time with rigorous, independent, and imaginative thought.

Orientation Programs

Orientation in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is a multi-part program. For new first year students students who enter in the Fall Semester, there is a one-day Summer Orientation program designed to assist with your academic transition to the University and a four-day August Orientation program to assist with your transition to life in the Drew Community. New transfer students should attend our August Orientation program as well. New and transfer students who enter school in the Spring Semester together attend a one-day program at our January OrientationParent and Family Orientation takes place during the each of our one-day Orientation programs, so bring your parents and/or family along regardless if you’re living on campus or commuting to Drew.

For new students, orientation is a time to engage with the people and resources available to you at Drew as a new community member. Connections begin to form with classmates, other Drew students, faculty, staff and the campus as a whole. The activities planned during orientation will assist students as they begin their transition to life at Drew; this includes getting familiar with the campus landscape, meeting fellow Drew students and making new friends.

More on Summer Orientation

When you attend our Summer Orientation program, you will take placement exams, you will meet with an Academic Advisor, select and register for your Fall 2019 courses, and you’ll receive an introduction to the many resources available to both students and parents/families.

For students who could not attend the on-campus Summer Orientation program, we are also hosting a Distance Orientation program throughout June and July in which students are scheduled for a 45-minute conversation with an Academic Advisor. This appointment will be held either via video chat or a telephone call. Registration is required for this program!

Finally, our August Orientation program will begin on Thursday, August 22, 2019 through Sunday, August 25, 2019. All new first year students are required to attend all four days of the program. Resident students will be assigned a move-in time on August 22; commuter students are asked to report to campus starting at lunchtime! New transfer students will report to campus on Friday, August 23, 2019.