Long before there was a Drew University, villagers in Bottle Hill, New Jersey, called the oak woodland west of town The Forest. With clubs that reflect this heritage, the Drew Society honors present-day donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually, including corporate matching gifts. Alumni who graduated within the last five years who make gifts of $250 or more, and alumni who graduated within six to 10 years and gave at least $500 are also recognized as members of the Drew Society.

Gifts reflected in this report were received between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

Drew University endeavors to record the names of donors and volunteers accurately and completely. However, if we have inadvertently omitted or misstated your name, please accept our sincere apologies and let us know by contacting the Jane Driscoll Himmelrich at 973-408-3733 or stewardship@drew.edu.

Honor Roll of Donors

Heritage Oak

Heritage Oak Club

Annual gifts of $10,000 or more

Mr. Christopher G. Ayoub
Mr. Joseph B. Baker C’69
Dr. Sol J. Barer and Mrs. Meryl I. Barer
Mrs. Laura Zagoren Baron and Mr. Norman Baron
Dr. Margaret W. Bartlett G’88,’13 and Mr. Marshall P. Bartlett
Ms. Betsy J. Bernard and Ms. Laurie J. Peter*
Ms. Diana Blankman C’82
Mr. Lester E. Bower, Jr. C’49
Dr. Marilyn B. Callander G’85,’87, A’14 and Mr. Robert J. Callander A’14
Ms. Judith E. Campbell P’94, G’10
Mr. David W. Carr C’67 and Mrs. Carol Shearman Carr C’65
Dr. Barbara M. Caspersen G’83,’86,’90
Maria A. Cestone, Esq. C’93
Mr. Ralph M. Cestone P’93
Mrs. Patricia Kushler Chirico C’74 and Mr. Gerardo J. Chirico
Mr. C. Rory Corrigan C’72 and Mrs. Debi Corrigan
Mr. John H. Crawford, III T’65 and Mrs. Catherine Huntoon Crawford C’64
Mr. Dean T. Criares C’85 and Mrs. Karen Mayrose Criares
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. D’Andrade
Mrs. Ruby deStevens
Mr. Thomas L. Doremus C’68
Mr. Douglas M. Dunnan
The Rev. Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan
Mr. Louis V. Eccleston C’79 and Ms. Joan L. Albanese C’78
Mr. J. Anthony Ehinger C’80 and Mrs. Marianne Hyzak Ehinger C’80
Mr. John H. Evans
Mr. Robert E. Fabricant C’85 and Ms. Emilia A. Fabricant C’88
Ms. Michele E. Fabrizio C’73 and Mr. Robert Kopech C’73
Ms. Gayle E. Fitzpatrick
Mr. Richard A. Frank C’04
Mr. William M. Freeman C’74 and Mrs. Ellen Freeman*
Mr. Fredrick Fuest C’68, P’02,’08 and Mrs. Heather D. Fuest P’02,’08
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Gordon C’92
Mr. Leo P. Grohowski C’80 and Mrs. Nancy Grohowski*
Mrs. Joan Torrens Hall C’57
Ms. Barbara Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Gates H. Hawn
Ms. Cordelza D. Haynes C’78, T’11,’13
Mr. George E. Hayward C’60
Mr. Grant D. Hobson C’62 and Mrs. Jeannette Hobson
Mr. Lawrence E. Horner, Jr.
Mrs. Alice S. Horton C’72
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Huff P’98
Mr. Marc Joseph C’48
Mrs. Shelley C. Kappauf P’06 and Mr. Charles H. Kappauf
The Hon. Thomas H. Kean*
Dr. Elizabeth Nielson Kelly T’59 and Mr. Philip H. Kelly*
Ms. Patrice M. Kelly G’03 and Mr. John F. Kelly
Bishop In Hwan Kim T’85
Mr. and Mrs. S. Dillard Kirby
Mr. William T. Knox, IV P’96 and Mrs. Carolyn Benjamin Knox C’67, P’96
Dr. Barbara Cox Koehler C’65
Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Korf P’08
Mr. David O. Kwon
Mr. William W. Landis, III C’85 and Mrs. Meredith Landis
Dr. Hwain C. Lee T’99 and Dr. William Lee
Mr. Grant F. Lenahan C’83*
Bishop Ernest S. Lyght T’68 and Mrs. Eleanor B. Lyght
Dr. Richard A. Marfuggi G’00,’03 and Mr. Andrew R. Ruffo
Mr. Kevin H. Marino C’80 and Mrs. Rita Marino
Dr. Elizabeth H. Marsh G’83,’90,’91 and Mr. Spencer S. Marsh, III
Mr. and Mrs. Heath B. McLendon
Dr. Allen Menkin C’63
The Rev. Dr. Stanley J. Menking T’57, G’66 and Mrs. Betty K. Menking*
Ms. Betsy S. Michel
Mr. Edward A. Moed C’89 and Mrs. Pamela MacFall Moed C’92
Mr. Jeffrey B. Noss C’75 and Mrs. Anne Lewis Noss C’75*
Mr. John Overdeck and Ms. Laura B. Overdeck
Mr. Leslie C. Quick P’09 and Mrs. Eileen Manning Quick P’09
Mr. Donald S. Radcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ringler*
Dr. Ronald J. Saldarini C’61 and Mrs. Suzanne Thomas Saldarini C’62
Mr. Nelson Schaenen, Jr. and Mrs. Nancy S. Schaenen
Mr. William R. Schumann C’64 and Mrs. Gerie Snell Schumann C’63
Mrs. Nora Pincus Schwarz C’82
Mr. Jonathan Schwieger C’65
Mr. Ray Sheikh
Mr. Christopher B. Smith C’91*
Mr. William E. Stanford C’62 and Mrs. Mimi A. Stanford
Mr. Paul R. Stierhoff C’82 and Mrs. Valerie Russo Stierhoff C’85
Dr. Morton Rosenberg and Dr. Shirley Sugerman G’70
Ms. Vanessa L. Van Brunt C’92*
Mrs. Jane Wallerstein
Mr. Robert L. Wegner C’59
Mr. Dennis Winsett P’04 and Mrs. Anna P. Winsett P’04
Dr. Franklin K. Wyman G’01,’06,’09, P’12 and Mrs. Deborah A. Wyman P’12
Dr. Edward D. Zinbarg G’98,’99 and Mrs. Barbara L. Zinbarg

Copper Beech

Copper Beech

Annual gifts of $5,000 – $9,999

Mr. Joseph J. Angeletti
Anonymous (4)
Dr. James T. Aris C’83 and Ms. Pamela Nelson Aris C’84
Mr. Patrick S. Aylward C’97*
Mr. Richard A. Ayoub C’75
Dr. MaryAnn Baenninger and Dr. Ron Baenninger
Dr. Walter M. Bakun P’13,’15 and Mrs. Beulah Bakun P’13,’15
Mr. Joshua B. Barer
Ms. Trudy Braunlich Bauer C’62
Mr. Edward B. Berninger*
Dr. William K. Boss, Jr. C’71
Ms. Mary F. Caporaso C’82
Mr. Frank J. Carnabuci III C’73
Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Carson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Chambers
Dr. Linda Eaton Connors C’64*
Dr. Jonathan B. Crowther C’79 and Dr. Molly Waldron Crowther C’82*
Ms. Mary Deatherage
Dr. Paul Drucker C’51, P’83
Mr. Paul W. Franklin C’88*
Dr. Frank Gump and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Gump
Dr. Suzanne Harvey Hampton C’56
Mrs. Eleanor Long Hazarian C’58
Mr. Peter F. Headley C’59 and Mrs. Joan Della-Cerra Headley C’60
Mrs. Karen R. Jones
The Hon. and Mrs. Ellwood R. Kerkeslager
Ms. Elyse G. Kirschner
Mr. Eamon M. Lavin C’89
Mr. Steve A. Lemanski C’89
Ms. Linda S. Lipay P’17
Mr. David B. Lippman C’80
Dr. Edward L. Long, Jr.
Dr. Jennifer Mollard Lucas C’87 and Mr. Robert P. Lucas C’86
Dr. Albert A. Luderer C’70 and Mrs. Margaret A. Luderer
Mrs. Reba Lerner Martin C’49
Ms. Karen L. Maxfield C’83
Dr. Robert G. Maxfield
Dr. David W. McIntyre C’86 and Mrs. Margaret Kendziora McIntyre C’86*
Dr. Carrie Hendrickson McMahon C’94
Mr. Justin T. Offermann C’12
Ms. Shirleen Toothaker Offermann C’81, P’12
Ms. Linda C. Ott
Mr. James Pagliocco C’86 and Mrs. Jamie Tome Pagliocco C’89*
Mr. Charles M. Peck C’74 and Mrs. Liora Peck
Mr. George A. Rao P’82 and Mrs. Virginia B. Rao P’82
Miss Joyce E. Reilly C’74
Drs. Ted and Sherry Rotunda C’93
Dr. Rhonda M. Rush C’71
Mr. Christopher M. Sakalosky C’94*
Mr. Joseph J. Saker, Jr. P’16 and Mrs. Sheri J. Saker P’16
Ms. Ann Eaton Schilling C’66
Dr. Philip C. Scibilia G’95,’04 and Mrs. Donna Scibilia
Mr. Gregg Seibert and Mrs. Monique H. Seibert P’14
Ms. Wendy A. Shadpour
Mr. Forrest W. Shue, Jr. C’87
Mr. Michael A. Simpson C’84*
Mr. Mel I. Stein P’18 and Ms. Alice A. Salvo P’18
Ms. Mary A. Stringfield C’70*
Mr. James F. Titus, Sr. P’89 and Mrs. Janice S. Titus P’89
Dr. Kathleen Finley Vandiver C’71
Mrs. Debra Silberman Weinberg C’82
Mrs. Arlee Feldman Weiss C’74 and Mr. Richard Weiss
Mr. Richard E. Whittaker C’69

Sycamore Cottage

Sycamore Cottage Club

Annual gifts of $2,500 – $4,999

Mr. Charles L. Amos, III C’68
Dr. Harry M. Baer P’06 and Mrs. Barbara Weiner Baer C’75, P’06
Dr. Lois E. Beekey
The Rev. John A. Benson T’69
Mr. Lawrence C. Bodden P’13 and Mrs. Patricia A. Bodden P’13
Mr. Daniel R. Boyer C’69, P’04 and Mrs. Nora McMahon Boyer C’79, P’04
Ms. Angelina Apuzzo Brown C’89
Dr. Vivian A. Bull
Mr. Nicholas Casiello, Jr. C’75
Ms. Cristina Cobb C’90*
Mr. Kenneth D. Cole G’81 and Ms. Rosemarie A. Collingwood-Cole P’00, G’00
Mr. Archibald Cox, III C’91
Mr. and Ms. Vincent De Caprio P’16
Mr. Russell C. Deyo P’09 and Ms. Stephanie Deyo P’09
Mr. Robert F. Falvo C’87
Ms. Kim E. Ferrarie C’85
Mr. Michael Ferro P’16 and Mrs. Alysia Ferro P’16*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Fingerman P’11
Mr. Jason Garmise and Ms. Jessica Garmise
Mr. Kenneth V. Gomez C’78
Dr. Ely Gonick C’48
Mrs. Carol Cole Gosselin C’68*
Mrs. Judith P. Grey
Dr. Keith M. Halperin C’71
Mr. William S. Hayes C’60
Dr. LeRoy W. Haynes C’56 and Mrs. Ruth Schubert Haynes C’56
The Rev. Kathleen Murray Henry C’65
Dr. Christine R. Hepburn and Mr. Kenneth J. Martin
Mrs. Carole Wyke Higginbotham C’67
Mr. Christopher S. Holland C’88
The Rev. Marybelle Brewster Hollister C’56
Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Huguley P’15
Mrs. Sue A. Idleman G’92
Mr. Michael L. Johnston C’82 and Mrs. Corinne Wolkoff Johnston C’82
The Rev. Dr. ByoungHoon Kang
Dr. Jon R. Kettenring
Dr. KyungRai Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey I. Kramer P’12,’18
Mr. Mark P. Lescault C’71
Mr. Gregory G. Little C’77 and Ms. Mary Jane Burns C’76
Ms. Christine MacDonald
Mr. Vincent R. McGuinness, Jr. C’78
Ms. Susan Repetti McHale C’84*
Mr. Frank C. Merckx, II and Mr. Christian Mendez-Baez
Mr. John J. Miller C’76*
Mr. Robert H. Nemeroff C’78
Mr. Joseph C. Noto C’95 and Mrs. Maureen H. Noto
Dr. Maureen O’Neill P’12 and Mr. Joseph Dobkowski, Jr. P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Parker, III
Mr. Eugene Rainis
Mr. Gregory Rogers
Mr. Timothy G. Rothwell C’72
Bishop John R. Schol and Mrs. Beverly A. Schol
Mr. Al Shapero C’51, P’84*
Dr. Alfred J. Smetana C’75*
Mr. Ralston W. Turbeville, Jr. and Ms. Kristi L. Soutar T’14
Mr. Rod Steier and Mrs. Elena Steier
The Hon. Gary S. Stein
Dr. Robert C. Stern C’59
Mr. Paul T. Stone C’56, P’79 and Mrs. Nancy Stone P’79
The Rev. Dr. Charles H. Straut, Jr. C’58, T’62,’77, P’81,’84,’91 and Mrs. Judith Hawkins Straut C’58, P’81,’84,’91
Dr. Arturo A. Valenzuela C’65 and Ms. Kathryn Mudge
Dr. Donald J. Vigliotti C’81 and Dr. Kathy J. Selvaggi
Mr. Ronald A. Wendt C’64*
Ms. Margaret M. Wenzel A’13
Mrs. Marianne Anderson Westfall C’64
Dr. Jae Kim P’18 and Dr. Jing Yoon P’18
Shuli Zou


Evergreen Club

Annual gifts of $1,000 – $2,499

Dr. Leland R. Abbey C’67
Dr. Sarah K. Abramowitz
Dr. Walter C. Adams C’58 and Mrs. Nancy Baier Adams C’58
Dr. Kenneth Alexo, Jr.
Dr. Elizabeth A. Alger C’60
Mrs. Beverly J. Allin
Mr. Adam Alonso C’06 and Mrs. Jennifer Wozniakewicz Alonso C’06*
The Rev. Anne V. Annin T’00
Anonymous (4)
Mr. Alan I. Apter C’80 and Mrs. Susan Kessler Apter C’83*
The Hon. Thomas J. Aquilino, Jr. C’62
Ms. Sarah S. Ashton C’80
Mr. Ralph W. Austin C’73 and Mrs. Suzanne Sanborn Austin C’73
Ms. Allyson R. Aylesworth T’09*
Mrs. Susan V. Barba
Ms. Barbara Barefield C’68
Ms. Linda Bartzak
Mr. William P. Beaman and Mrs. Noreen P. Beaman
Mr. James R. Beardsley P’13 and Ms. Karen Beardsley P’13
Dr. Joseph L. Belsky C’49, P’82
Mrs. MaryEllen J. Bigham C’93
Ms. Joan Blagg T’14*
Dr. Christopher G. Blewett C’96
Mr. Dennis M. Bone and Ms. Denise M. Bone
Mr. Paul W. Boren C’78 and Mrs. Marla Friedman Boren C’78
Mr. Bruce W. Bristol, Sr. C’66, P’99 and Mrs. Judith Bristol P’99
Dr. Theodore R. Bromund
Ms. Katherine G. Brown
Mr. Jeffrey M. Bryan C’94*
Dr. George C. Burrill C’65
Mrs. Kathleen M. Caccavale
Dr. Edward J. Campbell C’58 and Mrs. Margaret Morell Campbell C’60
Ms. Eleanor S. Campbell-Swank G’88
Mr. Thomas F. Campion and Mrs. Virginia D. Campion G’05
Ms. Virginia Kesler Carlson C’87*
Mr. C. Wesley Carson C’61 and Mrs. Carol S. Carson
Mr. John E. Carson C’59
Mrs. Penny Shoulders Carver C’98 and Mr. Dave J. Carver
Mr. Lance D. Cassak C’77
Dr. David J. Cennimo C’97
Ms. Catherine M. Cerbo C’97
Mr. Sanjay Challani*
Mr. Craig L. Chanti C’90*
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Chefitz
Mrs. Carol Lauer Chisdes C’56
The Rev. Dr. Brandon Cho T’06 and The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Y. Cho T’13
Mr. Peter J. Cimini C’87
Mr. William E. Clark C’91 and Ms. Julie Aigner-Clark
Mr. Joseph M. Clayton C’66 and Mrs. Anne Batastini Clayton C’66
Mr. Thomas J. Collamore C’81
Mrs. Dolores Cuva Cooke C’58
Dr. Emilio Cordova C’90
Miss Ellen J. Cotter C’62
Mr. Robert A. Coultas and Mrs. Cathie Coultas
Ms. Elaine W. Cowen
Mr. Alexander J. Craig, III C’76
Mr. Alexander D. Crary C’70
Mr. Michael Crimmins
Ms. Helga Gruendling Crisp C’54
Dr. Paolo Cucchi
Mr. Edward J. Curtin C’80*
Mrs. Janice L. Czelusta C’72
Mrs. Dorothy Tillan Daley C’52
The Rev. Dr. Julia S. Dawson T’96, T’08
Mr. Erik B. De Pol C’82
Dr. Christopher M. Dente C’94
Ms. Janet L. Dewar C’71
Mr. Frank P. DiPrima and Mrs. Helen DiPrima
Mr. Henry P. Dobbelaar, Jr. P’02 and Mrs. Janet C. Dobbelaar P’02
Mr. James W. Dobbins C’83, P’15 and Mrs. Deborah Dobbins P’15
Ms. Margaret Leichthammer Domber C’65
Mr. Peter Dorne and Ms. Celia De Huff
Ms. Melanie M. Dunn-Chadwick C’78
Dr. James A. Eastman C’65
Mrs. Merle D. Edgar
Mrs. Ann Ring Edinger C’55
Mr. Richard R. Eger and Ms. Anne Aronovitch
Mrs. Ann English
Mr. Ronald J. Epstein and Mrs. Catherine S. Epstein
Dr. John J. Farley, Jr. C’77
Drs. Epsey C. Farrell and Donald E. Weatherbee
Dr. Ronald J. Felber G’07
Mr. Barry W. Fenstermacher C’69
Dr. Robert L. Fenstermacher C’63 and Ms. Anne Clark Jacobson C’75
Ms. Nancy S. Ferris A’13
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ficarra G’03
Mr. David L. Fitzgerald
Ms. Helen H. Ford
Mr. Robert J. Franek C’93 and Mr. Mario Lopez-Cordero
Mr. Paul M. Frank C’84
Mr. Gary S. Freed C’78
Ms. Dorothy M. French C’80
Dr. Philip C. Frey C’73
Dr. Roxanne M. Friedenfels
Ms. Melissa M. Fuest C’02
Mr. John C. Fulse, Jr. C’99*
Ms. Patricia Langdon Galaskas C’64
Dr. David R. Gentile C’87, P’18 and Dr. Kristin Gustafson Gentile C’86, P’18
Mr. Salvatore Gentile and Ms. Christine Gentile
Mr. Robert D. George C’78
Dr. Robert Gerber P’13 and Dr. Nancy F. Gerber P’13
Mr. Robert J. Gerken P’15 and Mrs. Angela B. Gerken P’15
Dr. Stuart S. Gittelman C’88*
Dr. Sol Gittleman C’55
Mr. Stephen J. Gordon C’73
The Rev. Lamont S. Granby T’02
Dr. Maureen C. Grant G’79, G’81
Mr. John W. Greco C’65
Mr. Samuel Greenfield*
Dr. Paul G. Grena C’84
Mr. Robert E. Griffiths C’74
Mr. Michael P. Groener
Mr. George D. Groom, III C’59, T’63 and Mrs. Sandra Chere Groom C’65
Mr. Jeffrey H. Grossman C’71
The Rev. Thomas P. Hackett C’70
Mr. Thomas P. Hadley C’89
Ms. Michelle Hampton C’85
Mrs. Ruth Moorman Hardin C’54
Dr. Robert C. Harrall C’62, P’88 and Ms. Janice P. Harrall P’88
The Rev. John H. Hartley T’54
Mr. Christian Havemeyer C’70
Mr. James G. Headley, Jr. C’69
Ms. Erin A. Hennessy C’95
Dr. Mary Zoghby Hepburn C’54
Mr. James H.B. Hoff C’78
Mrs. Eleanor Fritz Hopke C’68
Dr. Margaret Howard G’09
Ms. Carolyn Alspach Hunt C’69, G’83 and Mr. James E. Hunt C’69
Ms. Katherine H. Hunter T’94
Mr. Anthony C. Infanti C’90
Ms. Ann Travis Ingram C’70
Ms. Carol Tulenko Irving C’59
Dr. Walter P. Jacobsohn
Dr. Sandra Jamieson
Ms. TianLan Jing C’84
Mrs. Arlene D. Jonach P’90*
Mrs. Barbara Herber Jordan C’58
The Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson T’09, P’15 and The Rev. Dr. Gary V. Simpson P’15
Ms. Aram Kang
Dr. Ilku Kang G’88, G’92 and Mrs. Hee Sook W. Kang T’92
Mrs. Donna Pethybridge Katsaounis C’68
Mr. Jeffrey R. Keeler C’88
Mrs. Irene McElrea Kempf C’76
Mrs. Judith T. Kendall
Kathryn L. Kimball G’95, G’99 and Andrew E. Kimball
Mr. Christopher J. Klein C’94 and Mrs. Erin Kragh Klein C’97
Mrs. Helen Croyle Klein C’68*
The Rev. Daniel A. Klement T’65
Dr. James F. Knapp C’62, P’90 and Mrs. Peggy A. Knapp P’90
Ms. Eleanor A. Knowles T’98
Mr. Brian S. Krick C’91
Mr. John E. Lanman C’69*
Mr. E. Axel Larsson C’02
The Hon. Jaynee LaVecchia
Dr. Douglas M. Lawson T’60
Dr. J. Perry Leavell and Dr. Barbara B. Oberg
Mr. Charles J. Lechner C’80*
Mr. Lawrence R. Levine C’83
Mrs. Deanna Formica Lewis C’60
Mr. Scott A. Lewis C’05 and Ms. Melissa A. Cardiello C’06*
Mr. Gerard J. Lian C’77
Mr. Thomas A. Limoncelli C’91 and Ms. Christine Polk C’91
Mr. Shing-Long Lin and Mrs. Grace Lin
Ms. Marilyn S. Linden
Mr. Arthur M. Lindsay C’54*
Dr. William F. Long C’63 and Mrs. Anne Pitkin Long C’63
Dr. Douglas A. Lonnstrom C’58
Dr. Neil R. Manowitz C’70
The Rev. Thomas W. Marston C’66
Dr. Roger H. Martin C’65
Ms. Vanessa A. Martyniuk G’06
Mr. Karl N. Marx C’49, P’77, A’08
Mr. Ryan M. Mason C’05 and Mrs. Kristin Traci Mason C’04
Dr. Robert J. Massa
Dr. Wendy C. Matt C’81
Mr. Alastair McArthur C’53
Mr. Michael R. Richichi C’91 and Ms. Sherryl A. McBride C’91
Mrs. Shirley McBride T’88*
The Rev. Dr. Johnnie G. McCann T’93, T’95, T’01
Mr. David McClellan C’70, P’10 and Dr. Deborah A. McClellan C’72, P’10
Mr. Edward R. McGlynn
Mr. Chris McHattie
Dr. Robert L. McKee C’54
Mr. Michael B. McKitish
Dr. Kerry R. McMahon C’97
Mrs. Tamzin M. McMinn G’78
Mr. G. Nicholas Mestanas C’85
Mr. Michael F. Metayer C’82
Mr. Ross R. Michaels C’08
Ms. Ann J. Miles C’80
The Rev. Dr. Clayton Z. Miller T’59, T’75
The Rev. Dr. Kevin D. Miller T’03, T’08 and Ms. Myra Miller
Mr. Lawrence Mone P’13, P’16 and Mrs. Kathleen Mone P’13, P’16
Mr. and Mrs. William Monroe P’09
Mr. Lawrence G. Morris C’94 and Mrs. Devyani Gupta Morris C’96
Ms. Catherine R. Morrow C’72
Mrs. Therese M. Mullaney
Ms. Donna F. Mullins
Mrs. Joan Patchen Naab C’59
Mr. Keemin Ngiam C’04 and Ms. Holly A. Kuzmiak-Ngiam C’04
Mr. Ralph W. Blackwood and Ms. Nancy Nicholas
Mr. Jeffrey B. Nunner C’99
Mr. Peter R. Oades P’06 and Mrs. Susan C. Oades P’06*
Mr. Stephen J. Obie C’88 and Mrs. Robin Zirilli Obie C’89
Mr. Anthony O’Donnell
Mrs. Ryan M. Oosterheert C’02*
Mr. Matthew S. Pacello C’96
Mrs. Joyce Brunelle Pazianos C’65
Mr. Michael J. Perillo, Jr. C’77
The Hon. Serena Perretti G’14
Dr. Wendy K. Perriman G’00,’01,’03
Ms. Judith A. Petroski C’64
Dr. Heinz G. Pfeiffer C’41*
Mr. Robert M. Potanovich, Jr. C’97 and Ms. Susan Applegate Potanovich C’97*
Mr. Ralph W. Powell, Sr. C’63 and Mrs. Diane Suter Powell C’63
Dr. Arthur L. Pressley
Ms. Nancy W. Priest C’83, P’86 and Mr. David Rogers
Mrs. Linda Couso Puccio C’81
Mr. Eric A. Purcell C’99 and Ms. Jessica A. Purcell C’99
Mr. Kevin M. Ralph C’94 and Ms. Elizabeth W. Bowman C’96
Mrs. Louise Lerner Rapkin C’56
Mr. and Mrs. Janardan Raval P’91
Mr. Michael C. Ravensbergen C’80
Mr. Glenn L. Redbord C’68 and Mrs. Jane Cee Salny Redbord C’68
Ms. Laura Conboy Reid C’81
Dr. Marvin I. Rice C’65
The Rev. Richard J. Rice C’54, T’58, P’81,’84,’13 and Mrs. Nancy L. Rice P’81,’84,’13
The Rev. Dr. Wayne Richards T’67 and Mrs. Dawn E. Richards
Mrs. Missy Neal Richardson C’88
Dr. Harold C. Rohrs
Ms. Nicole Romano C’70
Ms. Patricia E. Rowell C’71
Dr. Alan K. Salmon T’89
Mr. De’Andre M. Salter C’92 and Ms. Terri Jones-Salter
The Rev. Malobe Sampson T’09
The Rev. Dr. Virginia Samuel Cetuk T’75 and Dr. Norman B. Cetuk G’00,’06
Mr. John W. Sanderson C’77
Mr. Zachary B. Sank C’66
The Rev. Verne E. Schattner T’54
Mr. Joseph A. Schmidl C’97
Mr. Douglas J. Schneller C’84
Dr. Andrew Scrimgeour
Mr. Richard A. Semeraro C’55
Dr. Rosalind S. Seneca
Mr. David L. Shaffer G’02
Mr. Robert Shanks P’13 and Mrs. Margaret M. Shanks P’13*
Mr. Jeffrey L. Sheldon C’78
Ms. Jane E. Simpson C’74*
Mr. Robert E. Smart C’65
The Rev. Lyman E. Smith T’54
The Rev. Russell D. Smith T’62
Mr. Michael K. Smullen C’03
Mr. John H. Soler C’75
Dr. Howard F. Solomon C’70
Mr. Joseph C. Somerville C’89*
Mr. J. Dale Sorensen C’61
Dr. Jonathan E. Spanier C’90
Ms. Suzanne Mertz Spero C’91*
Bishop John S. Spong
Mrs. Christine McMahan Springer C’89
Dr. Gary L. Stanton C’73
Dr. Steven J. Steinberg C’83
The Hon. Stephen H. Stetler C’71, T’74 and Mrs. Mary Davis Stetler C’71
The Rev. Dr. Ronnie T. Stout-Kopp G’10 and Dr. David Kopp G’10
The Rev. Dr. Terry V. Swicegood T’69
Mrs. June A. Tamburro T’10*
Ms. Mary Haggerty Tamburro C’81
Dr. Christopher Taylor
Mr. Kenneth G. Terracciano C’89, P’19 and Mrs. Colleen A. Terracciano P’19
Ms. Christine D. Tew C’83
Miss Donna K. Thiel C’79
Mrs. Bertha Thompson
Mr. W. Barry Thomson C’74
Dr. Jay Tittman C’44
Dr. J. Terry Todd
The Rev. Dr. John L. Topolewski T’70,’75 and the Rev. Dr. Nancy E. Topolewski G’90,’93
Dr. Steven J. Triantafyllou C’81
Ms. Constance K. Tucker P’95
Mr. Peter J. Turecek C’91
Mr. Stephen J. Valerio C’93
Dr. Kenneth R. Vander Have C’90
Mrs. Marian E. Veits-Compton C’75
Mr. Richard S. Fiore and
Ms. Jennifer G. Velez C’87
Mr. Danny Vilicich P’15 and Mrs. Karen Vilicich P’15
Mr. Robert J. Vogel and Ms. Carrie A. Kitze
Ms. Janet von der Heide
Ms. Sandra S. Waibel T’00
Sara B. Waldron T’85
Mr. Allen D. Walker C’96
Mr. Christopher M. Walsh C’80
Mrs. Jessica Fulginiti Waltman C’96
The Rev. Pauline Wardell-Sankoh T’97
Mrs. Julia Boyer Warren C’80
Mr. Gregory M. Warshaw
Ms. Diane Wehner C’85
Ms. Deborah Holt Weil C’74
Mr. Michael J. Weir and Ms. Mirian M. Graddick-Weir
Ms. Kim M. Wentworth and Mr. Finn Wentworth
Mr. Converse M. West C’53
Mrs. Mary Claire White
Mr. Richard L. White P’99 and Mrs. Christine White P’99*
Mr. Randall Whitehead
Mr. Mirko H. Widenhorn C’00
Mr. Bret G. Wien C’80
The Rev. David A. Winslow T’71,’74
Mr. Robert S. Wood C’68
Mr. George V. Woodrow, III C’67 and Ms. Marjess Leighton C’66
Ms. Kathleen A. Woods C’01
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wooldridge
Dr. Bruce C. Woolley C’67
Dr. Anne B. Yardley and Dr. James T. Yardley
Dr. Connie L. Zastrow C’94
Mrs. Jeanne T. Zenker
Mr. Robert E. Zwengler C’75, P’14 and Mrs. Lynn A. Owen P’14

Gold Club

Gold Club

Graduates from 2008-2012 with gift of $250, graduates from 2003-2007 with gift of $500

Mrs. Deborah S. Belusa T’13
Mr. Buist C. Bickley C’07
Ms. Regina A. Chamberlain T’14
Ms. Janessa Chastain T’13
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Cicchino T’10
Dr. Mark R. DeBiasse G’14
Mr. Michael Dee G’05
Mr. Curtis B. Fornarotto C’11, G’14
The Rev. Jeffrey B. Gamblee T’06
Ms. Charlotte C. Hammond C’10
Mr. Matthew T. Hicks C’07
The Rev. David A. Holder T’13*
The Rev. Susan Iliff T’10*
Dr. Robert F. Peirano G’12
Dr. Jude M. Pfister G’07 and Mrs. Miriam R. Pfister
Mrs. Ruthann S. Reid T’06
Mrs. Pamela R. Robertson T’14
The Rev. Dr. Charles R. Sanders, Jr. T’06
The Rev. Sidney R. Smith, Jr. T’06
The Rev. Shannon E. Sullivan T’12
Ms. Seema J. Tepper G’12
The Rev. James R. Van Schaick T’05
Mr. Raymond A. Voorman C’14
The Rev. Donald B. Wahlig T’09
Ms. Alice C. Wyman C’12

Italicized name indicates donor is deceased.