Since returning to Drew last July, I have been delighted by the number of familiar faces I have encountered on campus and at university events around the country. Surely it says something about Drew that there are so many of us who treasure our connection with the university and with one another.

That is what this report is ultimately about. It is a celebration of those who have an abiding belief in the importance of the liberal arts and theological education in the 21st century, and who demonstrate this belief through on-going charitable support of Drew University.

On the following pages you will not only find an honor roll of Drew’s most generous and loyal supporters, but also stories of how some recent gifts are making it possible for Drew to pursue its important educational mission. These are stories of students who have been able to attend Drew, participate in life-changing experiences, and continue their intellectual journey because of funds such as the Mickel Scholarship for Town & Country Ministry, the Thomas D. Sayles, Jr. Internship, and the Werner Kofler Endowment for Arts & Letters.

On behalf of the entire campus community, thank you for your part in helping to sustain student scholarship, faculty research, academic programs, student life, and our magnificent forest campus through your gifts. Thank you for your belief in Drew.

Vivian Bull, President