Content lists are used to automatically display an automatically updated list of content from elsewhere on the site. Potential lists include other pages, posts, or custom post types.



Options – all are optional

  • title: a title to display before the list
  • show: (excerpt, content, title (default))
  • taxonomy: gets a list of content from a custom taxonomy
  • category: a word press category
  • ctype: (post, page (default))
  • thumb: which size thumbnail (dt-footer by default)
  • sticky: (true, false) keeps sticky posts at the top
  • child_of: the number of page
  • limit: #
  • page_id: shows content from a specific page
  • before: tag to wrap the clist in
  • after: tag to close the clist wrapper
  • blogid: the # of a blog
  • sort_order: (ASC, DESC)
  • sort_column
    • “author” – Sort by the numeric author IDs.
    • “category” – Sort by the numeric category IDs.
    • “content” – Sort by content.
    • “date” – Sort by creation date.
    • “ID” – Sort by numeric post ID.
    • “menu_order” – Sort by the menu order. Only useful with pages and attachments.
    • “mime_type” – Sort by MIME type. Only useful with attachments.
    • “modified” – Sort by last modified date.
    • “name” – Sort by stub.
    • “parent” – Sort by parent ID.
    • “password” – Sort by password.
    • “rand” – Randomly sort results.
    • “status” – Sort by status.
    • “title” – Sort by title.
    • “type” – Sort by type.





[clist ctype="post"]

2 Random Posts in a Specific Category

[clist ctype="post" sort_column="rand" limit="2" category="notices"]

    Child Pages Sorted by Menu Order

    [clist ctype="page" child_of="32"]