The directory shortcode can be used to pull personnel information directly from the campus directory onto your page, making it so you don”t have to worry about updating in the future as long as your directory listing is accurate.

The Shortcode



  • person: the user id for a person such as tegglest or jjackson, separate multiples with a comma
  • dept: the dept abbreviation, separate multiples with a comma
  • full: (false|true) set to true to show the full information for people, don’t include or set to false to only show a list of people.
  • deptinfo: (false|true) set to false to hide the department info that will display above a full listing mode.


A Single Person: jjackson

[directory person="jjackson" full="true"]

Multiple People: lnelson & jjackson

[directory person="lnelson,jjackson" full="true"]

A Department: Communications

(Note that departments have abbreviations, please contact us if you need to know yours.)

[directory dept="pubrel" full="true"]