The Drew University Office of Communications publicizes university news and developments, faculty and student achievements, matters involving the president and administration, special accomplishments, programs, events and activities and other news related to the activities of the campus community. All releases intended for external audiences must be routed through the Chief Communications Officer.

The following is a general policy intended to facilitate positive interactions with external media while keeping the communications staff appraised of happenings and news on campus or involving Drew personnel or students.

Contact with External Media

The Chief Communications Officer, at the appointment of the president, serves as the official university spokesperson and conveys the official university position on issues of general university-wide impact or significance or situations that are of a particularly controversial or sensitive nature. Inquiries from the media about such issues should be referred to the Chief Communications Officer.

Members of the faculty and staff are free to respond to requests from the media regarding their research, scholarship, teaching or professional experience. In such cases, the Chief Communications Officer should be notified as soon as possible in case there is a request for follow up or additional requests involving Drew personnel, so there is a coordinated, consistent university response.

Faculty, staff and students also have the right not to speak with the media.

The Chief Communications Officer should be notified about noteworthy or negative occurrences involving the university, its employees, students, alumni, parents or donors that are likely to rise to the level of a news story.

Any media inquiries that involve information about specific students should be directed to the Dean of Student Life at 973-408-3390. Such inquiries will be handled in strict compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which protects the confidentiality of a student’s education record or disciplinary actions.

Any media inquiries involving faculty or staff should be referred to the Director of Human Resources at 973-408-3223.

Crisis Communications

In the event of a crisis or emergency situation, the Chief Communications Officer will handle all contacts with the media and will coordinate the information flow from Drew University to the public.

In the event of a major crisis on campus or of an emergency situation, it is essential that that accurate information is given out and inquiries are routed to the appropriate sources.

The Vice President of Communications is responsible for the dissemination of all university communications with the media in the event of an emergency and may be reached at 973-408-3706.  If the Vice President is not available, calls should be routed to the Media Relations Specialist 973-408-3628, then the president’s office at 973-408-3100 and finally, the Department of Public Safety chief at 973-408-3379.

Media Access

Drew University is an open campus for visitors. However, access to campus facilities for media requires prior approval from the Drew Office of Communications or from the director of sports information for Athletics. That includes campus buildings, athletics facilities, the library, residence halls, Dorothy Young Center, Shakespeare Theater, Ehinger Center, the Dining Commons, and other buildings or properties on the Drew campus or owned by Drew University.

Media representatives do not need permission to be on public streets adjacent to Drew. However, if they are on the Drew campus without prior approval, Public Safety may be contacted and the media representatives may be asked to leave.

Still or video images of campus features may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes outside of scheduled news coverage without approval from the Department of Housing, Conferences and Hospitality at 973-408-3103.

News or press conferences should be scheduled and announced only through the Department of Communications.

News Releases

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