Projects vary greatly depending on the communications plan and deliverables, but most will include the following basic steps:

  1. Make your request. You can fill out our simple online form or contact Faith Jackson, Director of Communications, via email or by calling 973-408-3947.
  2. Within 24 hours: A member of the team will let you know that we received your request.
  3. Within 48 hours: If the project is something we can help you with, we’ll gather more information from you by phone or set a date to meet with you. If we can’t help you, we’ll let you know and provide other suggestions if possible.
  4. Planning: We will collaborate with you to determine what is needed and how best to execute it.
  5. Production schedule and budget: Before we start work, we’ll give you a suggested production schedule. If out-of-pocket expenses are required, we’ll also supply an estimate and get your approval before moving forward.
  6. Development: Once you’ve agreed to a schedule and budget, we will develop material to share with you, with opportunities for collaboration, feedback and revision.
  7. Approval and delivery: Once you are happy with the work, we will arrange to deliver a final product.

Plan Ahead

We will always do our best to assist you quickly. So that we can give you the attention you deserve, please submit your requests with as much advance notice as possible. All projects are individual and require different lead times, but the guidelines below can help.

If you aren’t sure how much time you’ll need to develop something—or think you’ve missed the window of opportunity—don’t worry. Just contact Faith Jackson, Director of Communications, via email or by calling 973-408-3947. We’ll do whatever we can to help.

No Advance Notice Needed

  • Breaking news
  • Simple web page updates (just changing a few words on a page)
  • Social media posts (if appropriate for our goals and if text, link and image are readily available)

2 Weeks in Advance

  • Email blasts
  • Online event registration forms

1 Month in Advance

  • Photography
  • Social media (paid posts or event promotion)
  • Story for
  • Web page updates (new single page or changes to a few existing pages without significant redesign)

2 Months in Advance

  • Advertising
  • Communications planning
  • Complex web jobs (new web section with several pages, significant redesign to existing site)
  • Multi-component projects (more than one type of deliverable)
  • Pitching something to the media
  • Print projects