This Drew Wellness committee is tasked with supporting and enhancing the entire life experience of Drew students: mind, body and soul by addressing the 7 main categories of a student’s overall wellness:

  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Social Wellness
  • Intellectual Wellness
  • Environmental Wellness
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Physical Wellness
  • Financial Wellness


Drew Wellness Calendar

Want to see your event on the Drew Wellness calendar? Just send an email to: with the day/time/title and info about your event!

We will address all 7 of these aspects of wellness by collecting and supporting any programs that fall under these categories, addressing any emerging issues that may affect any of these categories and working together to make sure our study body can thrive academically by being strong in these categories.

Committee Members:

  1. Kerry Klug: Coordinator of Campus Recreation
  2. Joan Galbraith: Nurse Practitioner in Health Services
  3. Audra Tonero: Assistant Director of Counseling Services
  4. Steph Mazzerella: Program Coordinator of Student Activities
  5. Tanya Linn Bennett: Associate Dean of the Theological School
  6. Kayla Corzine: Residence Director in the Office of Residence Life
  7. Fabio LaManna: Public Safety Lieutenant
  8. Emily Ralph: Title IX Coordinator 
  9. Maura Ballard: Men & Women’s Golf Coach
  10. Tina Notas: Campus Sustainability Coordinator
  11. Carolyn Parelli/Maya Sanyal: Career Center
  12. Kendra Polk: Drew Health Organization Student representative
  13. Chris Palacios: CLA Student Government student representative
  14. Kyra Whitehead: Grad SG student representative 
  15. Emily Cyrier: Theo SG student representative

Want to see your event on the Drew Wellness calendar? Just fill out this form with your program’s info: Wellness Program Submission Form