Are you passionate about a sport that doesn’t yet exist at Drew University?

Then please use the form below to start the process of starting your own sport club team! The Coordinator of Campus Recreation will reach out to you within 48 hours to help you get the ball rolling on your team!

The full New Sport Club document can be found here: Start Your Own Sport Club

New Club Sport Proposal Form:

New Club Sport Proposal Form


What is a Sport Club?

A sport club at Drew University is a Student Organization that is student–initiated, student-led and is instructional, recreational, and/or competitive in nature.  Some sport clubs compete with other universities and clubs throughout the country; others may participate in local demonstrations or contests.  Sport clubs are open to the beginner as well as the advanced participant.

The program seeks to provide students a chance to enhance their experience in a specific sport while at the same time providing social, cognitive, physical, and leadership experiences.  Success of the sport club program depends solely on the leadership, participation, involvement, and interest of students.

Sport club teams report to the Director of Campus Recreation. The Office of Campus Recreation is part of the Campus Life and Student Affairs department.


Competitive clubs belong to a league, union or association that may or may not have their own set of rules.  They typically provide the club with a schedule of contests with other schools also in the association.


Recreational clubs exist on campus as instructional or recreational.  These groups typically meet 1-3 times a week to practice/rehearse.  Performances are given on campus throughout the school year and sometimes as part of a co-sponsored event.  Occasionally these teams will perform in local competitions or showcases.