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Campus Recreation is proud to offer you a pilot series of programs that will teach you life skills you won’t learn in the classroom! We have partnered with Drew offices and Morris County business and organizations to bring great speakers and lecturers to help prepare you for your post-graduation life. This series of programs isn’t restricted to just graduating seniors! Everyone is welcome to come learn from licensed professionals talk about their area of expertise.

Check us out on NY1 News: Colleges Offering Basic Life Skills

Schedule of Events (more coming soon!)

Fight the Freshmen 15!
Thursday, September 14th @ 6 PM in The Commons

A study conducted by the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at Utah State University found that 1 out of 4  participants gained an average of 10 pounds during their first semester of college?

Come learn how to avoid the freshman 15 with healthy food choices and lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime! Learn how to have fun at college without sabotaging your weight and long-term health.

Presenter information: Elizabeth Girouard is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Workplace Wellness Master Ambassador. She is the founder of Zing Meals, a gourmet healthy meal delivery company and Pure Simple Wellness, a holistic health coaching and training service. Elizabeth has learned from experience that “Food is Medicine” and provides easy, healthy and delicious meals to busy families and runs 1:1 and group food and lifestyle programs to share her knowledge to make healthy eating and healthy living easy and achievable for all.

Managing Your Stress
Tuesday, September 19th @ 6 PM in The Commons

Dr Jacinda Hover will discuss different types of stress and their impact on the body will review specific tools to change how we perceive stress so that it does not manifest into depression or anxiety. She will also be offering a “Self care bag” as a raffle/door prize which will include a gift card for a 1 hour massage at Hollenbach Family Chiropractic and items from the boutique at Jolie.

Dr. Jacinda Hover is a women’s health advocate and Doctor of Chiropractic. She graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, and National University of Health Sciences with her Doctorate of Chiropractic where she interned with Chicago dance company. Dr. Jacinda has been practicing Chiropractic for four years and is a member of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors (ANJC), and the ICPA or International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys educating the Madison community about nutrition and other lifestyle factors through community talks about nutrition, ergonomics, and other lifestyle determinants of health.

Foundations of Employment
Monday, October 2nd @ noon
Tuesday, October 3rd @ 5 PM
Monday, October 30th @ noon
Tuesday, October 31st @ 5 PM

Identify and explain the importance of continued professional development. Identify, develop, and implement strategies for making campus employment relevant and meaningful in continued professional development .Identify, define, describe, and provide examples of professional practices and workplace expectations Identify, describe, and apply transferable skills

Power and the Art of Influence
Tuesday, October 3rd @ 6 PM in The Commons

Imagine a dialog between two people, the script of the conversation does not represent what went on – the mechanics of influence gets at the other factors that impacted that conversation: body language, eye contact, the quality of attention, even our own personal energy. For example, you ask for a raise, but don’t believe your worthy of it – most likely you don’t get the raise. Another person, less qualified, walks in with a healthy sense of entitlement and they walk out with the raise.

This presentation is hosted by Julia Erickson from Jolie in Madison, NJ. Jolie started as an outgrowth of Julia’s empowerment and coaching work.  It is founded on the philosophy that by addressing the whole person, true wholeness can be achieved.  All the medical and mental health research, as well as the writings of early philosophers, emphasize the undeniable connection of mind, body, and spirit in health and achievement.  Jolie aims at developing all three so individuals can do – do what they want, achieve their life goals, live vibrantly every day.

How to Go to Grad School
Monday, October 16th @ noon
Tuesday, October 17th @ 5 PM

Research and develop worksheet/checklist for graduate school application process. Articulate why the application checklist is a relevant tool for successful application. Establish and implement drafting and networking strategies for identifying Campus and other resources to gather/develop materials: personal statement, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, writing samples, standardized exam prep etc

Professional Communication
Monday, October 23rd @ noon
Tuesday, October 24th @ 5 PM

Identify and learn to articulate appropriate communication skills across setting, purposes, and audiences. Learn and identify the basic components of a professional resume. Learn how to respond to cultural communications differences

Working in Teams
Saturday, October 28th @ 6 PM. Location: TBA

Do you prefer to work alone, rather than in a team, because teams can be too troublesome? In college and afterwards, you’ll be working in teams. In this interactive workshop you will learn how to manage the dynamics of a team so that you can maximize your combined efforts and minimize the challenges that team work presents.

Advanced Resume Boot Camp
Monday, November 6th @ noon
Tuesday, November 7th @ 5 PM

Recognize and articulate the rationale for different types/formats of resumes: professional; chronological; creative Gain advanced strategies for making your resume standout Bring a draft of your resume/laptop

Crafting Your Personal Brand
Monday, November 13th @ noon
Tuesday, November 14th @ 5 PM

Learn what will make you stand out in the eyes of potential employers? Guidelines to project a positive professional presence. Interviewing tips that will help you stand out among the competition. Strategies to build your network in person and online. Steps to developing a professional online presence on LinkedIn

Acing Your Job Interview
Monday, December 4th @ noon
Tuesday, December 5th @ 5 PM

Differentiate between types of interviews. Identify and explain what to expect from different types of interviews. Identify and explain key skills and strategies for successful interviews. Identify and implement strategies to prepare appropriately for interviews, including practice sessions through Interview Role Play


…& more coming soon!