Thank you for your interest in tutoring at the Drew University Center for Writing Excellence. The CWE staff is always looking for strong students from a variety of majors who love writing and empowering other writers through reading and discussing others’ work.

To Be a Tutor With the CWE:

CLA students are required to take a fall semester class called ‘Theory and Practice of Peer Tutoring Writing.’  This course requires practicum 20 hours practicum in the CWE.

Graduate and Theological school students are invited to send an e-mail of enquiry along with a cover letter and a resume to us at CWE regarding their interest in Writing tutoring.

All returning tutors must reapply for their positions every semester as part of a professional development experience.

Please email us at the CWE with any questions. The Director will get back to you. We will be happy to chat with you at the CWE if you would like to set up an appointment with us.