What Clients are Saying about the CWE

  1. Very helpful to bounce ideas off of another individual; very helpful to brainstorm before I begin a writing assignment; very friendly environment.”
  2. “I was able to have someone else objectively review my writing and legitimately help me. Everything that I needed to be explained was, and I plan on coming back to the WC.”
  3. “It was a pleasure and a lot of help working or getting help from the WC. It was even better to know that I was on the right path and that I was helped with my grammar part of the paper.”
  4. “I got a lot of work done here and I also learned how to become a better writer. I plan to come again.”

Our Staff — more coming soon!

Sanah Athar

Standing: Sophomore

Major: Double Major in English & Psychology

Career Goal: Teach secondary education; eventually become a professor

Tutoring Philosophy: We all learn something every day, and a lot of the times it’s that what we learned the day was wrong.

Fun Fact: I have read over 500 books so far.

Kirby Clark

Eyanjem Etta-Ashu

Cordelza Haynes

Claudia Kopinski

Hae Seon Lee

Lexy Martino

Standing: Sophomore

Major: Major in Anthropology, Sociology, and Spanish

Career Goal: Not quite sure yet

Tutoring Philosophy: Writing can be really difficult, and a second pair of eyes can be really helpful!

Fun Fact: Blink-182 has always been, and will always be my favorite band.

Liliia Maslarova

Standing: Freshman

Major: Major in Biochemistry: Minor in Psychology

Career goal: To become an engineer and to conduct researches in the Biomedical field

Tutoring Philosophy: To help students with writing in the most suitable and pleasant way for them. As an international student I had difficulties with writing myself but thanks to my writing professors and writing tutors I overcame that and would be more than happy to be able to help other students.

Fun fact: I like to watch Korean Dramas

Caitlin McGee

Becca Miller

Thu Ha Ngo

Standing: Senior

Academic Plan: Business major

Career Goal: I want to be an English teacher or business teacher when I get back home

Tutoring Philosophy: Being a tutor, I can gain experiences in teaching; and, I love to help people avoid stress.

Fun Fact: I’m from Vietnam.

Nina Pangan

Alex Slotkin

Standing: Sophomore

Major: Major in English

Career Goal: To advertise for large companies

Tutoring Writing: Writing is one of the hardest and most rewarding things to do; I want to be there for others when they are trying to overcome their difficulties

Fun Fact: I collect Coca-Cola paraphernalia

Michelle Taliento

Nicole Walters

Standing: Senior

Major: Major in Physics & Philosophy; Minor in Arabic

Career Goal: To do research, or be a Physics teacher, or write Physics textbooks

Tutoring Philosophy: I know what it is like to struggle with writing, and would like to help others overcome their struggles as my teachers have helped me

Fun Fact: I adore the singer Marilyn Manson