The University Technology Media Resource Center (MRC) is responsible for providing audio visual equipment and services for events and programs at Drew University. The MRC will also arrange to rent equipment not owned by Drew from outside vendors for your event.


Equipment rentals and support are available solely for events on the Drew University campus. All equipment and services are subject to availability. Deliveries can only be made on the Drew Campus.

Rental and Service Charges

Equipment Rental and Service charges vary according to customer category as follows:

Drew University Academic Class: Drew faculty member who is teaching a regularly scheduled class as shown on the Registrar’s official Course List. There are no charges for this category.

Drew University Not-For-Profit Event (“Drew”):  Encompasses all other events hosted by Drew departments and organizations which are not regularly scheduled classes.  Internal charges apply and Drew account number is required (FOAP).

Non University Not-For-Profit Event (“Non-Drew 1″): Groups from outside the University often rent spaces on campus.  If the group holds not-for-profit/tax exempt status, they qualify under this category.  Weddings and similar events also fall under this heading.  Charges will apply.

Non University For-Profit Event (“Non-Drew 2″):  Any other outside group not covered by Non-Drew 1. Charges will apply.


Customers should reserve equipment by calling the MRC during business hours as far in advance as possible.  All reservations will be in accordance with our Price List and Fee Schedule.  If an  event falls under a chargeable category, the reservation will not be confirmed until all reservation information and a Drew account number (FOAP) are provided.

If consumables (mini DVDs, mini DV tape for video cameras) are needed in conjunction with the use of rental equipment, an account number (FOAP) or cash payment is required.

All requests for weekend reservations must be confirmed by a full time staff member prior to 12:00 pm the previous Thursday. Orders submitted after 12:00 pm Thursday will be handled on a case by case basis, depending on staff availability and resources.

Any requests made less than one (1) business day in advance will incur a $50 rush fee.

If you require a laptop for your event, please contact the UT Service Center at 973-408-4357.

The MRC does not set up equipment (projector, screen, etc.) for a class on a recurring basis. If you require a Technology Enhanced Classroom, please request one for the semester using CLA or departmental procedures through the Registrar’s Office.

Equipment Delivery, Setup and Pick up

The MRC will deliver reserved A/V equipment to the designated site in enough time to allow for proper setup and testing. All A/V equipment will be set up and tested by an MRC full time staff member or student worker. If training or assistance was requested, this will be done before the event start time as arranged by reservation.

If a rush request has been accepted by the MRC, delivery by event start may not be guaranteed.

The MRC will pick up all equipment at the conclusion of the event. If the event ends earlier than expected, the MRC should be informed by calling the MRC Event Support Line at 973-665-2100.

Event Support

For help with equipment during an event, call the MRC event support line at 973-665-2100. This number is active Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 9:00 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm.

If you would like an MRC student assistant or full-time staff member to stay at your event for support purposes, this must be arranged in advance, at the time of reservation. Hourly fees apply as listed in the Fee Schedule.

Customer Responsibilities

It is the customer’s responsibility to notify the MRC of their A/V requests as far in advance prior to the class, meeting or event as possible. Depending on the complexity of an event or meeting, it may require equipment not owned by the MRC. Such equipment will be rented from an outside vendor and all will be the responsibility of the customer.

Please contact HCH to arrange for rooms, tables, chairs, podiums, stages or additional electrical outlets for any class/meeting/event.

Customers not opting for support staff for the duration of the event should be able to operate equipment themselves. If users are unfamiliar with Media Services equipment, appointments for training can be made by calling the MRC at 973-408-3342.

Individual Responsibility for MRC Equipment

All members of the Drew community may check out selected MRC Equipment for academic use. Faculty and Staff may take equipment off campus provided the use has been approved by the MRC. Equipment loaned out to students may not be taken off campus.

Customers who sign out equipment are responsible for returning the equipment on time and in good working order.  Late fees apply if loaned equipment is not returned by the deadline. After 30 days, the entire cost of equipment will be charged against the Drew account number or directly to the customer. If MRC equipment is damaged or stolen, the customer will be liable for the cost of replacement or repair.

Any mechanical problem should be reported to the MRC immediately and under no circumstances should a customer try to repair or have a piece of MRC equipment repaired.

Fee Schedule

There are no fees for Drew Academic Classes

A/V, Screens, Audio

Audio Visual Packages

Item Drew Non-Drew 1 Non-Drew 2
Audio Package w/(1 wired mic) $15 $50 $100
LCD Projector with 6’ screen and cart if necessary $35 $150 $250
Installed LCD Projector w/Screen $30 $150 $250


Item Drew Non-Drew 1 Non-Drew 2
6’(72″x72″) and 8’ (96″x96″) Tripod Screens $5 $10 $20
10’ (120″x120″)Screen $25 $50 $75
11×14’Fastfold Screen $50 $75 $120


Item Drew Non-Drew 1 Non-Drew 2
Wired Mic or PZM mic $5 $10 $20
Wireless Handheld/Lav Mic $25 $50 $100
4 Channel Mixer $10 $25 $50
5 CD Changer $10 $20 $30
CD-R Recorder $20 $40 $60
Monitor speaker (wedge) $15 $25 $50
Computer speakers $5 $10 $20
Audio Conference Phones $35 $75 $100

Cameras & Meeting Aids


Item Drew Non-Drew 1 Non-Drew 2
Prosumer HD Camcorder $40 N/A N/A
Consumer HD Camcorder $25 N/A N/A
Webcam $10 $20 $30
Tripod $5 N/A N/A

Meeting Aids

Item Drew Non-Drew 1 Non-Drew 2
Flipchart Easel $5 $10 $20
Flipchart Paper $10 $25 $30


Video Duplication

  • $5 for a VHS to DVD copy
  • $3 for a DVD to DVD copy
  • $1 labels

Audio Duplication

  • $3 for an Audio tape to CD
  • $2 for a CD to CD

Video Editing

Ask a staff member about availability and pricing

Staff Technical Services During Events

$10/hour for Student Technician
$25/hour for Staff Technician