FacLab iPads can be checked out to a Drew faculty member for class use for up to two weeks. Extensions may be possible depending on availability. Other requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

To make an iPad loaner reservation, faculty must call 973-408-4357 (UT Service Center) and ask to reserve an iPad from the Faculty Lab.

When making a reservation, faculty and staff must specify the quantity needed and the timeframe they will be making the reservation for.
Please allow at least 30 minutes to pick up the iPad(s).

The faculty member must come to the FacLab (Brothers College Room 11) in person, sign the agreement (which includes agreeing to be responsible for the cost of replacement, loss or damage for all of the iPads, including those loaned to students), and pick up the iPad(s). The faculty member must provide a Drew account number that would be charged in the event of loss or damage as part of the agreement. The policy specifies that these devices and accessories may not be shipped to another location. iPads may be taken off campus for academic use by, or under supervision of, the faculty member, as long as it is understood that the account number given by the faculty member at the time of the loan will be charged for any damage or loss.

The faculty member is also responsible for returning the iPads by the specified date so that FacLab staff can inspect each device to determine if there has been any damage. In the event of loss or damage to any of the devices or accessories, the charge will be posted to the account provided.

iPads may be checked out by the faculty member during regular FacLab business hours (Monday-Friday 9-5).

Charges for damage or loss are as follows:

$ 560.00 for lost iPad/replacement of AppleCare (plus $20 for case)
$ 50.00 for iPad damage that requires replacement or repair
$ 40.00 for lost or damaged power cord/charger
$ 20.00 for lost or damaged case
$ 30.00 for lost VGA adapter
$ 3.00 for lost stylus