Drew Unplugs

Participate in Drew Unplugs! All members of the Drew Community are encouraged to turn off their technology and unplug for 24 hours. Drew Unplugs will take place from Sundown on Friday, February 27 through Sundown on Saturday, February 28. Get your “I unplug to … ” picture taken at the Commons Concourse February 23 through 27 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm.   Or, take your own picture using these templates: We Unplug to… I unplug to…     What to do while you are unplugged: Enjoy Campus Recreation! drew.edu/CampusRec/fitness Learn about stress management mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/stress-management/basics/stress-basics/hlv-20049495 Relaxation techniques mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/stress-management/basics/relaxation-techniques/hlv-20049495 Mindfulness exercises pocketmindfulness.com/6-mindfulness-exercises-you-can-try-today/ Chair exercises! youtube.com/watch?v=j2DDcXPabtY

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Welcome From University Technology

University Technology welcomes you to Drew for the Fall 2014 semester. Below, we have collected some information and links that are particularly useful for those new to the campus.   Microsoft Office and F-Secure You can install the Microsoft Office suite and the F-Secure Anti-Virus program once you arrive on campus. Please read the Microsoft Campus Agreement for more information about these software installations.   Recommended Laptop Registration If you purchased a Drew-recommended laptop, please fill out the laptop registration form.   Questions and Support Online Many of the answers to your questions can be found at any time, day or night, on our website, http://www.drew.edu/ut, or in our online documentation, Technology Help and Information. You can also report a problem or ask a question at any time by filling out a support request at help.drew.edu. Follow University Technology on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/drewunivtech or Twitter (@drewunivtech) for announcements about upcoming workshops! Call or Visit If your preference is to call or visit in person with questions about Drew-supported software, Gmail, campus wireless issues, and some computer hardware, our Service Center or Helpdesk would be happy to assist. They can be reached at 973-408-4357, or found in the basement of Brothers College*, at the times listed below. Monday-Thursday 9 am – 10 pm Friday 9 am -5 […]

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GIMP for Image Editing

As Drew phases out Adobe products for general use, we are exploring options to replace the functions previously offered by these products. For those of you who require image editing, conversion and creation, University Technology is pleased to announce that we are now supporting GIMP. GIMP is a feature-rich open source program that can do everything most people need to create and edit images for web sites, documents, posters and flyers. It is available free on the web from the GIMP website. It’s easy to use GIMP easy to resize, edit and add text to images, or create images using paint and other features. Among the features you’ll find: Painting tools (brush, pencil, airbrush, clone, blend) Advanced Manipulation tools (layers, including editable text layers, selection tools include straight and rounded rectangle, ellipse, free, and fuzzy) Compatibility with with multiple file formats allows for conversion between maybe formats (bmp, gif, jpeg, mng, pcx, pdf, png, ps, psd, svg, tiff, tga, xpm, etc.) To learn more take a look at their list of Features and Capabilities Try it out: GIMP’s online tutorials can get you started quickly. If you need help, please create a University Technology Support Request, or call the University Technology Service […]

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2013-2014, a Year in Review

Because this past academic year began with the untimely passing of Alan Candiotti, our long-time and beloved leader, all of us in University Technology dedicate our work this year to his memory. We continue to rely on the guidance we received from Alan for so many years, and we hope that the group he mentored and led is living up to his high standards. University Technology has been very busy in the 2013-14 school year implementing a number of large projects to improve teaching and learning, provide enhancement to administrative processes, and provide needed updates to technology infrastructure. Here are just a few of the highlights: Teaching and Learning This has been a busy year for the instructional technology staff as we participated in a number of activities to enhance instruction, including:  Launched Moodle 2.4 and educated faculty on new features. Worked with faculty on incorporating Google Apps for Education, especially Drive and Groups as a way to enhance communication and collaborative work for courses. The Faculty Lab expanded support for third-party tools for courses, such as Tumblr, Wikispaces, and others. The Faculty Lab and Video Services provided support to create and edit videos to “Flip” a Social Psychology class […]

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Announcing PDF-XChange, Drew’s new software for PDF creation, editing and file format conversion! University Technology is pleased to launch this new service as a step up from Adobe Acrobat Pro. All Faculty, Staff and Students can access PDF-XChange and take advantage of the increased number of features, tools and noticeable user-friendliness. Here are some of the things you can do with PDF-XChange: Edit and move text and graphics within a PDF Add headers, footers, and pagination Record and embed sound files Create new PDFs from existing PDF, text, rich text, and/or image files (you can combine different file types) Extract specific pages from an existing PDF Extract and save images from an existing PDF Easily cut, paste and convert using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from both scanned documents and pre-existing PDFs Convert PDFs to .txt, .docx, or .rtf file formats PDF-XChange can be accessed via CloudPC, in the Office Applications folder. You will see both a Viewer (which simply allows you to look at a PDF, similar to Nitro PDF Reader or Adobe Reader) and an Editor (which offers the options listed above – and more!). Please contact the UT Service Center at 973-408-4357 with any questions.

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Faculty Showcase 2014

Interested in learning new ways to use technology in the classroom? Wondering what kinds of technology your colleagues are using in their teaching? Come to the University Technology Faculty Showcase on April 11th from 11:00 am-2:00 pm, in the Ehinger Center 1867 Lounge. Drew Faculty will be presenting how they use technology in their teaching and best practices for social media presence. The presenters will be demonstrating their technology use in a poster-style setup so that you can talk with them about their work. At 11:30 am and 1:00 pm, George Steiner will demonstrate his ClassChat App, and then Marc Tomljanovich and his students will do a presentation about the iPad Wall Street Program at Drew. 2014 Presenters Marc Tomljanovich – iPad Wall Street Program Scott Bonn – Professional Web Presence Caroline Maier and Larry Kramer – Wikispaces Scott Morgan – Flipping Your Class Liz Gallo – Follett’s Booknow+ Sarah Abramowitz/Kathleen Madden – Camtasia Dorothy Meaney – Poll Everywhere George Steiner – ClassChat And more… Sign up to win this years’ door prize- a Kindle Fire HDX 7″, WIFI! Enjoy free refreshments!

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Windows XP End of Support

Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014 and will no longer provide security updates. Any PC/laptop running Windows XP after this date represents a security risk for the entire Drew network and must be upgraded to Windows 7 or removed from the network. If you are using a PC/laptop with Windows XP, please contact the office of Infrastructure, Telecommunications and On-site Services at x3333 as soon as possible to discuss your options. Thank you. You can read more from Microsoft at their website: End of XP Support

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Summer Projects 2013

University Technology has been busy this summer! We have done a lot of work to improve wireless coverage across campus, including the following buildings: McLendon Dorothy Young Center Seminary Hall Mead Hall We began work on updating the fiber cables on campus. The new disk arrays are in and are being tested, we will be moving data over to them shortly. The network core switch upgrades were completed. We upgraded from Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2.4. See the Moodle post for more information. We updated the computer labs (BC 1, BC 5, the Fac/Staff Lab, and the STEL) to run Windows 7. We are updating both U-KNOW and relaunching MI6, the University wiki and the ticket tracking system currently used by UT. Banner was upgraded and the database extended to prepare for Banner XE, the next version of the Banner interface. Banner XE provides a modern web interface for Banner, in contrast to the Oracle Forms used for INB. The university’s ten year old single sign-on system for web resources, iChain, was replaced with NetIQ Access Manager. This allowed us to streamline our single sign-on process, and provides us with the ability to federate with external applications, such as Google […]

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Welcome Back

Six things you need to know for Fall 2013 University Technology is pleased to welcome the Class of 2017, and welcome back returning students, staff and faculty. Here are six things you need to know about technology for the new academic year: 1. Changes in the Computer Initiative For the first time since the beginning of the Computer Initiative, first year students will not be issued a computer from Drew. All undergraduates are required to have a laptop, and are explicitly told this on the Drew Laptop Program web page: “All Drew students are required to have a laptop for academic purposes. Other devices (tablets, smart phones, etc.) are fine as supplemental for personal use, but Drew University policy is that each student should have their own laptop. There will be no additional computer labs added to accommodate students who do not comply with the requirement.” Second, third and fourth year students have Drew-issued computers and there will be no changes in the support offered. Students are responsible for: Bringing a laptop with them to campus Installing Microsoft Office and F-Secure (provided by University Technology; see the installation page for further information) Keeping their laptop in working order Second, third, fourth […]

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Introducing Moodle 2.4

On August 13, Drew will be upgrading Moodle from 1.9 to the new and improved Moodle 2.4. What’s New in 2.4? Drag and Drop upload of files now works in all web browsers All assignment types are built into one assignment resource Personal file repository Built in help feature Easy editing of activities and resources What should I expect to see in the next month? You will not see any changes at moodle.drew.edu until August 13. On that date, you will be able to see the new Moodle 2.4 at moodle.drew.edu, which you can reach using the icon on TreeHouse. If you still need to access old courses, you can do so at moodle.drew.edu/1 How can I learn about Moodle 2.4? Open Lab Training (first come, first served) Location: FacLab (BC 11) August 14, 10am-12pm August 20th, 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm August 26th, 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm What if I need to restore a course from the old Moodle site or request that my courses be combined? Course restoration and combination requests still work the same way. All you have to do is fill out the following forms… Restore Course Combine Courses I have a Group or Departmental Moodle Site. How can […]

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