Drew Conference Call

Any Drew employee can initiate a conference call from their phone by using the conference button. This is the best option to use when all participants are on-campus, because there is no associated charge. If you use this feature to conference with off-campus numbers, you will have to enter an auth-code for every non-local call and will be billed at the normal rate for each individual call.

Check out Using Your Drew Phone or Phone Line for instructions on how to use this feature. Because it can be difficult to use, we don’t recommend this option for a call with more than 3 total participants. For larger conference calls, try a hosted conferencing service.

Hosted Conference Calling Service

A hosted conferencing service provides you with an access number and a PIN. You must provide the access number and PIN to all participants, and then they use that information to sign into the conference at the appropriate time. There are a number of hosted conferencing services available. For your convenience, below we’ve listed an option available through Verizon . However you are by no means limited to this option.

Verizon Conferencing – Verizon gives you two options: buy a single conference call, or buy a monthly conferencing plan. The monthly plan allows you to keep the same dial-in number, but requires you to pay a monthly fee even in months when you don’t use the service. The single conference option allows you to set up a conference whenever you want and only pay for what you use, but the dial in number will be new each time. Billing is done via a Drew purchasing card.

Speakerphone Rental

In some cases you may want to arrange a phone meeting on campus with several people in one room. In such cases, it is often useful to rent a teleconference/speakerphone unit specially designed for this purpose (pictured to the right). To rent a speakerphone, contact the Media Resource Center at 973-408-3342. Keep in mind that not every room is equipped for speakerphone use, so if you want to use a speakerphone you should talk to the Media Resource Center before you book a room for the event.