Phone service at Drew University is provided by an Intecom S80 PBX located in the Learning Center.

University Technology is responsible for the following communications-related services:

  • Providing phone service and voice mail service for the University.
  • Maintenance and repair of communications cabling, including phone, cable TV and data network cabling.
  • Maintenance and repair of the campus Distributed Antenna system, which re-broadcasts cellular phone signal to improve interior cell phone coverage in some buildings.

Most faculty and staff offices have a phone jack and Drew-provided telephone (in the case of a move or new hire, as long as one was requested). More information about using the phone in your office can be found at Using Your Drew Phone or Phone Line.

Voice Mail

All resident students (not including residents in Loantanka and Green Villa) and most faculty and staff persons have access to a voice mailbox. Residents living in doubles or triples will generally have to share a voice mailbox with their roommates. All new students will receive their phone number and voice mail passwords via e-mail before the start of their first semester.
For more information about using your voice mail (setting it up initially, setting and changing your greeting, using distribution lists, etc), please see the Voice Mail page in U-KNOW.

Authorization Code

To place a long-distance call, you must have an authorization code. This code allows us to charge your student or departmental account.

To request an auth code:

Faculty and staff: Fill out the Voice Services Request Form.
Students: Fill out the Student Phone Service Request Form.

To look up your auth code:

Simply visit the Personal Authorization Code Lookup page.