Use the links below to jump to forms that will help you troubleshoot and report problems with ITO systems. When you submit one of these forms, a ticket will automatically be created in MI6, our work order tracking system.

Device Type Description
Phone Report a problem with a phone
Fax Report a problem with a fax machine
Voice Mail Report a problem with voice mail
Cable TV Report a problem with cable TV service
Wireless Network (WiFi) or Cellular Signal Report a problem with the campus WiFi network, including poor coverage in your room, or no ability to connect, or report a problem with the Distributed Antenna System, which amplifies cellular signal in most dorms.
Credit Card or Drew Card Reader Report a problem with a credit card reader, laundry card reader, or vending machine reader.
Fire Alarm Panel Report a problem with a fire panel (public safety and facilities use only)
Security Camera Report a problem with the Drew security camera system (public safety only)
Other ITO System Report some other type of problem with a device that connects to the phone system, the campus network, or the cable TV system. Do not use this form to report a problem with a computer. If you are having a problem with a computer, contact the service center at x4357


Use the links below to submit a request for new ITO services.

Request Type Description
Phone Move Request to move a phone line from one location to another
New Hire Request phone services for a new hire (please fill out before the new hire arrives)
New Student Phone Service Request phone service in your dorm room
New Phone, Ethernet, or Cable TV Jack Request a phone, ethernet or cable TV connection in a location that currently does not have this type of connection. Please note there will be a cost associated with this request.
Phone Purchase Request to purchase a new phone (faculty and staff only)
New Auth Code (Fac/Staff only) Request a new authorization code for you or someone in your department
Phone Feature Change Request to add, remove or change a phone line or feature on your phone.
Re-set Voice Mailbox Password Request to have your voice mailbox password re-set.
Computer Upgrade Request to upgrade your computer (faculty and staff only)
Computer Purchase Request to purchase a new computer, monitor, or printer